Franklin Facts Archive: June, 2000

Thursday, June 1 Web Site: Hurricane Season Begins
Monday, June 5 Earliest Day with a High of 100
Tuesday, June 6 Why Do you Feel Humid?
Wednesday, June 7 Heat Index: Temperature and Humidity
Thursday, June 8 Lag of the Maximum Temperature
Monday, June 12 Heat Wave Watches and Warnings
Tuesday, June 13 Oppressive Weather and Health
Wednesday, June 14 Wilmington 90-Degree Days
Thursday, June 15 Why Do Fans Cool You?
Monday, June 19 Twilight: Squeezing in Extra Daylight
Tuesday, June 20 Summer Officially Begins
Wednesday, June 21 Is Global Warming Human-Induced?
Thursday, June 22 Remembering Hurricane Agnes
Monday, June 26 How High is the Sun in the Sky
Tuesday, June 27 Ozone Loss over the Arctic
Wednesday, June 28 What Was "The Perfect Storm"
Thursday, June 29 Preview of July Weather

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