Franklin Facts Archive: July, 2001

Monday, July 2 The American Philosophical Society
Tuesday, July 3 The Weather of July 4, 1776
Thursday, July 5 Library of the American Philosophical Society
Monday, July 9 Winter Olympics Only Six Months Away
Tuesday, July 10 Hurricane Season Looms
Thursday, July 11 When is 90 Degrees Most Common?
Thursday, July 12 University of Delaware Heat Stress Index
Monday, July 16 Rain Keeps Temperature Down
Tuesday, July 17 Summer Clouds and Winter Clouds
Wednesday, July 18 Local, Not Global, Warming
Thursday, July 19 Delaware Weather Anniversaries on July 21
Monday, July 23 Waves in Deep and Shallow Water
Tuesday, July 24 Power of the Longshore Current
Wednesday, July 25 Rip Currents
Monday, July 30 Keep Cool By Opening Refrigerator
Tuesday, July 31 Fans and Air Conditioning

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