Sometimes, just looking at the high and low temperatures for a day can hide some very important details. A good example occurred on this date in 1982.

The high temperature on January 17 of that year was officially 13oF. Yes, there have been colder days, but that 13oF doesn't tell the whole story. If you dig a little deeper, you'll find that the 13oF reading occurred right at midnight at the start of the day - and it was all downhill from there. By 8am, the temperature fell to -6oF, and it was still just -2oF at noon. And later that afternoon, the temperature recovered - if you can call it that - to 0oF. And then it fell back to -6oF that evening.

What this means is that on this date back in 1982, we had one of the most bitter daylights in this area's history, a period from sunrise to sunset when the temperature literally got no higher than 0oF.

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