Franklin Facts Archive: February, 2001

Thursday, February 1 Punxatawney Phil
Monday, February 5 International Panel on Climate Change Speaks
Tuesday, February 6 Dr. Warren Washington
Wednesday, February 7 Launch of Shuttle Atlantis
Thursday, February 8 Coldest Day Ever in Wilmington
Monday, February 12 Megalopolitan Snowstorm
Tuesday, February 13 Sensitivity of Doppler to Snow Intensity
Wednesday, February 14 Wind Chill Quiz
Thursday, February 15 Big Storm Season
Tuesday, February 20 Greetings From Blue Mountain
Wednesday, February 21 Snow as an Insulator
Thursday, February 22 Is It Ever Too Cold or Too Warm to Snow
Monday, February 26 Why No Two Snowflakes Look the Same
Tuesday, February 27 Wilson Bentley
Wednesday, February 28 Snow Glare and Sunglasses

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