So another year has gone by without a big snow on Christmas Day. Actually, snow on December 25th is not that common around here. Over the last 100 years, snowflakes have been sighted on Christmas in only about one out of every four years. And most of the time it was only a trace - not even enough to be measured.

The biggest Christmas Day snow around here in the last century occurred way back in 1909. More than 22 inches fell in Wilmington, and 21 inches in Philadelphia, the city's third largest storm on record. Snow began around 9am on Christmas Day and continued for almost 24 hours. The weather observer that day wrote: "After 8pm, the snowfall increased from hour to hour until 3am the next morning - In places, snow drifts were four to five feet high".

So although it may be cold this day after Christmas, we certainly don't have that kind of snow shoveling job ahead of us!

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