Franklin Facts Archive: December, 2000

Monday, December 4 Elections and Meteorology
Tuesday, December 5 Twilight Nights
Wednesday, December 6 Comparisons with Florida
Thursday, December 7 Keys to Winter Weather Forecasting
Monday, December 11 Breakdown in Global Warming Talks
Tuesday, December 12 Snowcover Over North America
Wednesday, December 13 Halos And Sun Dogs
Thursday, December 14 Lesson in Satellite Meteorology - Commas
Tuesday, December 19 The Holiday Season Down Under
Wednesday, December 20 Welcome Winter (Officially)
Thursday, December 21 A Rare Christmas Eclipse
Tuesday, December 26 A Real White Christmas
Wednesday, December 27 Weather Satellites: Goes East And West
Thursday, December 28 Review of a Millenium of Weather

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