DEMA is the lead state agency charged with coordinating emergency preparedness,response and recovery related to natural hazards, nuclear disasters, and hazardous and toxic materials.

More than 1000 sites in Delaware use or store hazardous materials. About three-quarters of all hazmat spills in the state involve petroleum products. As far as natural hazards, nor'easters, hurricanes and flooding are the primary concerns. DEMA is also a member of the State Drought Committee, which monitors water conditions and makes recommendations concerning water restrictions and drought declarations.

DEMA also responds to emergencies involving nuclear hazards such as a release of radioactive material at a nuclear power plant or an accident involving the transport of nuclear waste. Though there are no nuclear power plants in Delaware, there are four within 50 miles of the state borders, in Salem County New Jersey, Calvert County Maryland, and Lancaster and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. Tomorrow night, DEMA downtime. I'm Dr. Jon Nese.

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