Franklin Facts Archive: August, 2000

Monday, August 7 Hasn't Been Any Hotter Than This
Tuesday, August 8 Flash Flooding in Bucks County
Wednesday, August 9 This July Compared to Last July
Thursday, August 10 Why is the Weather so Variable Around Here?
Monday, August 14 Snowflakes in Summer?
Tuesday, August 15 Anniversary of Two Tropical Systems
Wednesday, August 16 Hurricane Connie - August 1955
Thursday, August 17 Hurricane Diane - August 1955
Monday, August 21 Hurricane Forecasting: Factors to Consider
Tuesday, August 22 Hurricane Forecasting: How Good is It?
Wednesday, August 23 A Historic Delaware Hurricane
Thursday, August 24 Ocean Temperatures From Space: A Web Site
Monday, August 28 First Recorded Local Tornado?
Thursday, August 31 An Overview of September Climate

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