Franklin Facts Archive: August, 2001

Wednesday, August 1 August Preview
Thursday, August 2 Puddle on the Road
Monday, August 6 Neops Project: Introduction
Tuesday, August 7 Neops Project: Research Aircraft
Wednesday, August 8 Neops Project: Ground Site
Thursday, August 9 Neops Project: Rass and Lidar
Monday, August 13 Biggest Heat of the Summer
Tuesday, August 14 Pluto: To Be a Planet or Not?
Wednesday, August 15 Ocean Biology From Space
Thursday, August 16 Mount Etna From Space
Monday, August 20 This Day In Hurricane History
Tuesday, August 21 Delaware Tornado Fatality
Wednesday, August 22 The Year Without a Summer
Thursday, August 23 Determining Number One
Monday, August 27 New Wind Chill Index Announced
Tuesday, August 28 Franklin's Dust Devil
Wednesday, August 29 Review of Hurricane Terminology
Thursday, August 30 Signs of Summer Fading

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