Franklin Facts Archive: April, 2000

Monday, April 3 Big Easter Snow in 1915
Tuesday, April 4 Thunderstorm Hazards: Lightning
Wednesday, April 5 Lightning Safety Advice
Thursday, April 6 Web Sites: Weather Safety
Monday, April 10 Saharan Sand Goes Airborne
Tuesday, April 11 First Weather Satellite: Tiros I
Wednesday, April 12 Higher Up Gets Colder?
Thursday, April 13 Web Site: Topographic Maps
Monday, April 17 Dr. Gray's Hurricane Forecast
Tuesday, April 18 Heat Update for the 1990s
Wednesday, April 19 Current Drought Situation
Thursday, April 20 30th Anniversary of Earth Day
Monday, April 24 Lightning on Jupiter
Tuesday, April 25 Modern Weather Radar
Wednesday, April 26 Advantages of Doppler Radar
Thursday, April 27 The Franklin Institute Awards

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