Franklin Facts Archive: April, 2002

Monday, April 1 The Weather Of April
Tuesday, April 2 High Pressure Doesn't Necessarily Mean Fair Weather
Wednesday, April 3 Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure
Thursday, April 4 Southeast Asia From Space
Monday, April 8 Earliest 90°F Days
Tuesday, April 9 Few Tornadoes So Far This Year
Wednesday, April 10 Groundwater Levels
Thursday, April 11 Hurricane Season Forecast
Monday, April 15 Impact Craters, Part I
Tuesday, April 16 Impact Craters, Part II
Wednesday, April 17 Impact Craters, Part III
Thursday, April 18 Beaufort Scale
Monday, April 22 The Delaware Aqueduct
Tuesday, April 23 Last Week's Heat
Wednesday, April 24 Franklin Medal In Earth Science
Thursday, April 25 Solar Energy
Monday, April 29 Earth Day
Tuesday, April 30 First Worldwide Lightning Map

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