Reducing ozone pollution comes down to reducing the levels of ozone-causing pollutants. Those emissions inspections that are required on some vehicles, and the gasoline recovery systems on the nozzles of some gas pumps, those are two ways to control ozone.

You personally can help by limiting your driving. Walk, carpool, or use public transit if you can, especially on Ozone Action! Days. Keep the engine on your car tuned and maintained. If you have to refuel, do it after dark. And conserving energy is always a good idea because power plants spew tons of ozone-causing pollutants.

This EPA website

is a great place to get ozone information. Here, you'll find real-time data about ozone levels, and tomorrow's ozone forecast. Using this web site, and through local media outlets, you're set to track Ozone Action! Days throughout the summer.

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