It's May 1, and summer is finally in sight. The average high today is 68, but it'll be 78 by month's end, while average nighttime lows will increase from 47 to 57. Occasionally, temperatures can even reach 90 in May, though there can still be a few bouts of chilly weather if winds blow in off the still-relatively-cool ocean. Freezing temperatures have been observed as late as May 12 in Wilmington.

Over the course of the month, we'll add another 53 minutes of daylight, so that by June 1, the sun won't set until nearly half past eight, and nighttime will last only a little more than 9 hours.

As the atmosphere heats up, so does thunderstorm season. In an average May, we'll hear thunder on 4 or 5 days. And since every clap of thunder comes from a bolt of lightning, May is a good time to remind yourself to give lightning the respect it deserves.

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