July's right around the corner, boasting the highest average temperature of any month. And in fact, in 8 out of every 10 years, July does turn out to be the hottest month. That heat sometimes combines with a stagnant weather pattern, and ozone smog pollution can build up. So keep a listen for announcements of Ozone Action! days.

An average July's rainfall is 4 and a quarter inches, also the highest of any month. But because most of that comes from fickle thunderstorms, July rains can be feast or famine - barely an inch last July, but more than 10 inches in July 1994. July is also famous for the muggies - in fact, probably the most sultry stretch of weather in the last 100 years occured just 5 years ago in mid-July 1995, when it felt like a tropical rainforest around here.

Finally, though you may not notice it - or want to admit it - we will start to lose some daylight in July, about 40 minutes from the start to the end of month.

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