For me, the signs usually start appearing in early May. At first, it's just a day or two a week, but by early June, it's every day. Maybe it happens to you too. I'm talking about the sneezing, the itchy watery eyes, the stuffed-up nose that comes with what the medical profession formally calls seasonal allergic rhinitis- that's hay fever to you and me and 35 million other Americans allergic to pollen.

If pollen's your allergy nemesis, here's some weather advice. In general, warm, dry, breezy weather is perfect for carrying ultra-light pollen everywhere, including to your nose. So when the wind whips up, pollen counts usually do too. Pollen counts are usually lowest during cool, cloudy, wet weather. Rain literally washes pollen out of the air.

Tomorrow night: pollen forecasts, and where you can get them on the web.

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