Welcome to the Franklin Institute, I'm Chief Meteorologist Dr. Jon Nese. Tonight I'm excited to be starting a new series called "Franklin Facts," which will give me the opportunity to share with you my thoughts on a variety of interesting subjects from the world of weather, Monday thru Thursday evenings.

I'll feature a mix of current weather-related news, general science, and some historical tidbits about the local climate. I'll also have regular features such as a monthly climate outlook and "Weather on the Web."

When you think of weather history around this region, certainly Benjamin Franklin comes to mind. But there's a deep Delaware connection as well - a century before Franklin, a clergyman by the name of John Campanius Holm is credited with making the first continuous weather observations in North America, at the colony of New Sweden near present-day Wilmington in 1644 and 1645.

To some, Campanius is known as America's first weatherman - to this day, the National Weather Service gives annual awards in his name to recognize outstanding volunteer weather observers.

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