It's the windiest month of the year, on average. It can have a big snowstorm one year, and not a snowflake the next. The average high temperature increases from the mid 40s on the first of the month to the upper 50s by the end, though temperatures have hit 80 and dropped into the single digits on some days.

Such is the weather character of the month that starts tomorrow - March is truly a transition month around here. Winter is fighting a losing battle, as the sun rises higher in the sky each day. The length of daylight increases by more than an hour and 15 minutes from the beginning to the end of March, more than in any other month.

Chances are there will be a few bouts of winter in March, but they usually don't last long. And because of the ongoing struggle between winter and the coming spring, don't be surprised to sometimes find big changes in the weather from one day to the next.

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