When you talk about tropical systems that our region has seen, Floyd comes immediately to mind. But ranking right up there with Floyd is the period from August 12th to August 19th in 1955, when we received a 1-2 punch of tropical trouble named Connie and Diane.

In mid-August 1955, the door was open for tropical systems to threaten the East Coast. Thatís because the so-called "Bermuda High" had set up shop in the mid-Atlantic. This giant, high-altitude, clockwise-rotating weather system helps steer tropical storms and hurricanes, first to the west and then to the north. When the Bermuda High's in this position, East Coast forecasters keep a close watch on the tropics.

In the months prior to August 1955, there hadn't been much rain. In fact, when Connie and Diane arrived, they ended a dry spell reminiscent of last summer's drought. The next two nights I'll look back at this tropical twosomeís affect on our region.

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