By the third of April, the chances of getting an accumulating snow around here are pretty slim, but it can happen. And 85 years ago today, it did in a big way.

Snow began on April 3, 1915, around 7:30 in the morning, and it snowed, hard, all day. Temperatures the entire storm hovered near freezing. The snow accumulated 12 inches in Wilmington and 19 inches in Philadelphia - that still ranks as the city's 4th largest snowfall in recorded history. This freak storm was a classic nor'easter - it came up the coast with wind gusts from the northeast reaching 46 mph at the height of the storm.

But as with all April snows around here, it didn't last long on the ground - by 8pm the following day, which happened to be Easter Sunday - only 2.5 inches of snow was left, and that disappeared the next day.

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