Tubby Raymond

Hometown LegendsHarold Rupert "Tubby" Raymond was born in Flint, Michigan in November, 1926. He earned a degree in education from the University of Michigan and, after joining the coaching staff at the University of Delaware, he earned a master's degree there.

-Tubby Raymond, Eddie Robinson, of Grambling State, Joe Paterno, of Penn State and Roy Kidd, of Eastern Kentucky, are the only coaches to get their 300 wins at one school.

-Raymond was nicknamed "Napoleon" by his friend, the late Bear Bryant.

-Raymond is author or co-author of several books on the Wing-T offense and his own biography Tubby, the story of Coach Raymond and championship football at Delaware.

-During Raymond's years as head coach of the Fightin' Blue Hens, the University of Delaware football team won three national titles, 16 NCAA playoff appearances, 14 Lambert Cup trophies, nine ECAC Team of the Year awards, and nine conference titles.

-Which of the following didn't have an interest in Tubby Raymond's career?
A) the NFL B) Notre Dame
C) the Phillie PhanaticD) Pierre S. DuPont IV

(the answer is B ... Notre Dame had Joe Paterno; Tubby got offers from the NFL, his son Dave was the Phillie Phanatic and Pete DuPont once issued a statement urging Tubby not to leave Delaware for Maryland)

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