Y Stream

YStream will next be available in fall 2017

Y Stream is a pledge-free online radio service offered as a thank-you gift for our sustaining members at the $120 level or above during our on-air membership campaigns.

Are you a current WHYY sustaining member? Or are you ready to become a sustainer? Sustainers can access Y-Stream for free.

For information please contact Member and Audience Services at 215.351.0511.

Learn more about sustainers and Y Stream in our FAQ below.

Y Stream FAQ

A sustaining membership is one that automatically renews. It's convenient for you and provides cost savings to WHYY by eliminating renewal notices. Auto renew when you contribute a monthly, quarterly or annual gift that is conveniently deducted from your checking account or by credit card.

Y Stream is an alternate live stream of WHYY FM only available over the Internet. Y Stream will carry all regular WHYY radio programming, including live news reports. It will omit all fundraising breaks.

Your donation for this gift will allow you to access Y Stream on multiple devices, but only one device at a time. You will be able to access the stream shortly before the FM membership campaign begins. Access to Y Stream will be available through the end of the campaign.

Y Stream works with desktop audio players like iTunes and Windows Media Player. You'll also need a recent version of common web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

You may also access Y Stream using your iPhone's or iPad's web browser.
Y Stream is NOT available for Android or other smart phones or tablets. We hope to implement this service in the future.

Y Stream is available to sustaining members at the $120 or above level as a thank-you gift for your donation. If you are a sustaining member at this level and wish to access Y Stream, click on the link at the top of this page.

If you recently donated to WHYY and wish to upgrade your membership to the Y Stream level, contact Member Services at 215.351.0511 during regular business hours.

Contact Member Services at 215.351.0511 (Mon - Fri, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) or email memberservices@whyy.org.

Yes! Donating for Y Stream entitles you to all the perks of WHYY membership for one year.

Yes. At this time Y Stream is an optional benefit for our active sustaining members.

For current sustaining members the option to sign up for Y Stream access will be available throughout the FM membership campaign. New sustaining members should sign up before the start of the FM membership campaign.

This is the only gift you can select, so that we can direct more of your donation to support WHYY programming.

We recognize that many of our members listen to us at work, at home, and on the go via their iPhones. Consequently, we've made it possible for you to access the stream on more than one device. However, you may only be logged in on one device at a time.

No, it is not possible to access the internet stream with a conventional or internet radio. Currently, Y Stream is only available though a computer, iPhone, or iPad.

Technical FAQ

To access Y Stream visit http://sp.streamguys.com

Please note that this link has changed from previous Y Stream offerings. You may want to update your bookmarks and favorites.

Once logged in, you will see a streaming player. Just click the play button to listen!

Confirm your speakers are on and the volume is turned up.

Note: At this time iPhone is the only supported smartphone.
If you've already submitted your donation for Y Stream, then point your iPhone's browser to http://sp.streamguys.com. When asked to login use the credentials you received in your confirmation email. Once logged in you'll be taken directly to Y Stream.

The password link is generated each time a user is created in the system, and when a password reset email is sent. This link will expire after some time, or if it is clicked on. You cannot use the same password link twice. If you need your password reset, please contact Member Services at 215.351.0511 or email memberservices@whyy.org and they can send you another link for access.

If you have tried all the steps above and are still having technical difficulties, we can try to assist you as best we can. Please call Member Services at (215) 351-0511 or send us an email with the following details:

  • Which device are you having trouble logging in with? i.e. PC, MAC, or iDevice?
  • Detailed information about the error you are receiving or the type of issue you are having.
  • What steps have you taken to correct the situation?