Corporate Underwriting

Learn about targeted marketing and branding solutions for corporations, small businesses and non-profits on radio, television and the web. WHYY attracts among the region's most affluent, educated, professional and engaged individuals. Underwriting is an effective and efficient way to reach this highly educated, well-traveled and culturally discriminating audience while supporting WHYY's award-winning public media.

WHYY's underwriting team can help you design a program to meet your financial, marketing and philanthropic goals.

Underwriting opportunities:

Underwriting on WHYY-FM
Underwriting on WHYY-TV
Digital underwriting
Underwriting on WHYY's live audio stream
Corporate challenge grants and more

Questions? Contact us at (215) 351-1223 or

Underwriting on WHYY-FM

WHYY-FM is the most-listened-to public radio station in the region and the Delaware Valley's only NPR station focusing exclusively on news and information. Our format combines national and world news from Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Marketplace with award-winning original programs that have garnered national acclaim. WHYY productions include Fresh Air, Radio Times, Voices in the Family, You Bet Your Garden and NewsWorks Tonight.

  • WHYY offers 15-second underwriting messages to corporate sponsors and 15- or 30-second messages to non-profit organizations. Rates are based on the daypart selected.
  • WHYY produces messages using professional in-house talent at no additional charge.
  • All on-air messages must comply with applicable guidelines.
To learn more, contact us at (215) 351-1223 or

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Underwriting on WHYY-TV

News when you need it. Entertainment when you want it. Education when it counts. WHYY brings the world right into the living room through a lineup of trusted, high-quality television programs on three distinct digital television channels, all of which are available for corporate underwriting.

WHYY HD — Over the air on 12.1
This 24/7 channel features the award-winning programs, ranging from beloved children's programs such as Sesame Street to WHYY's weekly news program First to PBS favorites such as Antiques Roadshow, Frontline and This Old House.

Y2 — Over the air on 12.2
A blend of encore presentations, financial, health and music specials.

WHYY PBS Kids — Over the air on 12.3
PBS KIDS programming is now available 24 hours a day, providing increased access to award-winning PBS content especially for those who need it the most. Research confirms PBS KIDS programming helps children build critical skills that enable them to find success in school and life.

Underwriting on WHYY-TV
WHYY offers 15- and 30-second underwriting messages to corporate and nonprofit underwriters. Rates are based on the daypart selected. WHYY produces messages using materials supplied by the client and professional in-house voice talent at no additional charge. All on-air messages must comply with applicable guidelines.

To learn more, contact Roseann Oleyn at (215) 351-1223 or

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Digital Underwriting

In addition to touching our audience through radio and television, WHYY reaches thousands in the Delaware Valley each day through and

Banners on and NewsWorks — Effectively, measurably reach your target audience

  • Available run-of-site (CPM).
  • Google Analytics provide accurate metrics on impressions and click-throughs.
  • All online underwriting must comply with applicable web guidelines.

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Unit Dimensions Availability Sample
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 WHYY and PlanPhilly View Spec
Leaderboard 728 x 90 PlanPhilly View Spec

Underwriting on WHYY's live audio stream

WHYY-FM's live audio stream is heard by tech-savvy listeners accessing the station on their computer or mobile device.

Each time the live stream is played, a 15-second message targeted to this exclusive audience is played before listeners hear the station. This message is available to corporate underwriters.

For more information on underwriting the live audio stream, contact us at (215) 351-1223 or

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Corporate challenge grants and more

Other ways to partner with WHYY include:

  • Corporate Challenge Grants
    Corporate Challenge Grants, which encourage viewers and listeners to join you in supporting public broadcasting during one of our membership drives on WHYY-TV or WHYY-FM. In addition to being a team-building opportunity for your staff, your company will receive numerous benefits including frequent company mentions throughout the challenge in recognition of your generous contribution.

  • WHYY Member Card
    Participation in the WHYY Member Card program, offering benefits and discounts throughout the Delaware Valley for WHYY members.

  • Matching Gift Program
    Promotion of your organization's Matching Gift Program. Join more than 130 companies in our area that match their employees' contributions. This encourages support for WHYY and shows the community the value you place on public broadcasting.

  • WHYY Events
    Explore Membership Event Partnership opportunities.

For more information on these partnership programs, contact us at (215) 351-1223 or

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