Door-to-Door Outreach

When you make a contribution through one of WHYY’s trusted canvassers, WHYY is able to continue as the region’s leading public media provider and PBS/NPR member station in southeastern Pennsylvania, the State of Delaware, and all of South Jersey. Here are some great reasons to support WHYY.

If you didn’t donate when we visited you, you can still donate on our website!

Here are the friendly faces of our trusted WHYY canvassers that will be visiting your town:

Gabriel Hohmann

Brian Mechanick

Tyreek Wanamaker

Kevin Ciesielczyk

Marquise Williams

Donald Warren

Catherine Ellers-Mangini

Joseph Piraino

Idryis Muhammad

Gabrielle Szczepanek

Dante Robinson

Joseph Salber

Jesse Lepkowski

Chante Hall