A way to donate to WHYY that costs you nothing!

Use the search tool below to access a major online search engine and book your trip as you normally would and a portion of any purchase you make will be given back to WHYY. It's that simple! If you have booked online trips before, you will find that the booking process is basically the same as what you are used to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I paying more for more for my trip, since I am directing money back to WHYY?
No, there are no surcharges of any kind added on to any fares that relate to Money being given to WHYY.

Do I get the lowest prices?
The prices provided are extremely competitive and may very well be the lowest, but if you are so inclined, we encourage you to do some comparative shopping and pick the package that is best suited to you.

Is my booking donation tax deductible?
Unfortunately not, the donation is actually made by our travel industry vendor.

What do I have to do to make sure WHYY gets its share?
Nothing beyond starting your trip from this page. By doing so, you are telling our partners that you want your money to go back to us.

How much of my fare is being give to WHYY?
That depends on what exactly you book and the formula can get very convoluted, but for us every dollar counts so regardless of the amount, we appreciate your willingness to direct money our way.

Will I get to use my Frequent Flyer numbers?

Who are WHYY's travel Partners?
WHYY works with Away To Donate and its growing community of non-profits that are turning the loyalty of their supporters into dollars. Once inside, you are using one of the world's leading Online Travel Agents' booking engine designed specifically for its broad affiliate network used by tens of thousands of people annually. Any bookings you make are done through First Travel Alliance, one of their high quality affiliates.

What if my plans change or I run into problems on my trip?
Our travel partners provide 24-7 phone help desk to expedite any issues you may have. We encourage to make sure you are aware of the change and cancellation policies for any trip you book, as lower fares may also mean more restrictive policies.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?
We're happy to help! Contact WHYY's Member Services at memberservices@whyy.org or call 215-351-0511.