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Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter on his first six months in office

Date: 6/20/2008

by Alan Tu and Dan Pohlig

In the interview moderated by Dave Davies a Senior Writer for The Philadelphia Daily News, Mayor Nutter said shootings and homicides are down 25% from this time last year. He credited the City's use of crime mapping that has helped identify where 65% most of the major crimes are taking place in the city and that by redeploying where police are the city has become safe.

On the issue of minority hiring, he said expect a major change later this summer when he announces a replacement agency for the Minority Business Enterprise Council. This group is supposed to ensure minority owned companies get a fair shot at city contracts but Nutter said he's not impressed with its efforts. The new agency is likely to be called the Economic Opportunity Cabinet.

As for trash scattered on city streets, Nutter said the City would do its part in trying to deploy more trash bins, but he got audience applause when he called for a little personal responsibility saying "why don't people keep their trash to themselves and stop throwing it down the street. How's that for a new idea." Nutter led a city-wide citizen clean-up on April 5th, and he said he thinks it's time people begin to have pride in keeping their own neighborhoods clean.

It's Our City will follow up on these and other issues in the months ahead.

Watch the entire hour-long interview with Michael Nutter here »