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Chris Satullo
"Solving the city budget crisis the Philadelphian way"


One of the concepts behind the popular computer game "Sim City" is that there is no simple way to govern a virtual city. Every action requires lots of give and take. The same dynamic was at play this month when groups of Philadelphians met to discuss how to distribute the city budget. As a newspaper editor and now as a public broadcaster, journalist Chris Satullo has led civic engagement workshops for years, but for him, this last one was the most rewarding.

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Frank Fitzpatrick
"Writer John Updike"


When writer John Updike died on January 28, sports writers mourned the loss of a man who truly understood the poetics of sports. His Rabbit novels feature a one time basketball star, but among baseball fans, Updike's tribute to Ted Williams, ranks as one of the best sports essays ever. In our regular series of commentaries from The Philadelphia Inquirer, writer Frank Fitzpatrick pays homage to the novelist.

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Melissa Dribben
"Trying to get some sleep"


Judging from the amount of studies, advise columns and over the counter medications, sleep, good old basic sleep, continues to be an elusive goal for millions of us, especially parents. In our regular series of commentaries from The Philadelphia Inquirer, writer Melissa Dribben observes that for a mother, the best vacation might be a long siesta.

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Rick Nichols
"Philadelphia's new wave of luxury steak houses"


From the time it takes to develop the idea for a retail business to the opening day, things can drastically change. Take the economy for instance. In our ongoing series of commentaries from The Philadelphia Inquirer, food writer Rick Nichols questions the timing of starting a slew of new Philadelphia luxury steak houses.

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