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The Impact of War

Penn study may help efforts to prevent veterans' suicide

Jamie Breen returns home

June 10, 2011

All veterans must readjust when they come home from war. It's harder for some than others, and it can be even harder for women. As part of our Impact of War series, Jen Howard reports on a young woman from Willingboro, New Jersey: her struggle with readjustment, and the place she now calls home. Read story »

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Honoring veterans and their families at the Washington Crossing National Cemetery

May 30, 2011

Today the sound of bugles will be heard in every corner of the country as the 131 National cemeteries remember the lives and deaths of men and women veterans. A recently opened cemetery in Bucks Country is a welcome burial place for veteran's families living in our area. WHYY's Elisabeth Perez Luna, visited the Washington Crossing National Cemetery as it prepared for Memorial Day. Read story »

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Music for the heart and soul

May 25, 2011

Music therapy dates back to ancient times. In our country, the process of healing through music took off after World War I, when it was used in veteran's hospitals to ease the pain and suffering of trauma victims. Today, music therapy remains a viable form of treatment for veterans who have physical and emotional problems. Local radio station WXPN seems to have had this in mind when they launched a program called Project Playback. Taking music therapy to a new level, they've introduced some of the region's oldest and frailest veterans to the art of songwriting with the help of a Grammy award-winning artist. Read story »

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Economic Prospects for Veterans

May 18, 2011

Veterans fresh from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are being hit hard by the current economy and the competition for jobs. The financial prospects for vets under thirty can be even more daunting. Many are trying for the first time to translate their military skills into the marketable experience civilian employers seek. Read story »

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Ricardo Quiles-Rosa

April 7, 2011

Ricardo Quiles-rosa has been in the military for 13 years. He lives in Northeast Philadelphia with his wife and two children. When he's not serving his country, he serves his city as police officer. He's been to Iraq twice. As part of our Impact of War series, Jen Howard reports on the relationship between his life abroad and his life at home. Read story »

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Photos from the top: Soldiers boxing at Abu Ghraib, Ricardo Quiles-rosa with fellow soldiers next to the truck that would later be hit by a suicide bomber, Ricardo Quiles-rosa with local children in Iraq

Alfeia DeVaughn Goodwin

March 30, 2011

Returning veterans sometimes struggle to find ways of applying their new experiences and skills in civilian life. For Alfeia DeVaughn Goodwin it meant refocusing her mission from soldiering in Iraq to policing in Philadelphia. Geoff Gundersdorf reports as part of our Impact of War series. Read story »

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A story of love, war and grief for a young family in Philadelphia.

February 18, 2011

It's never easy to tell the many stories of how the Middle East war has affected the emotional landscape of military families and society in general. Today, on our Impact of War series, reporter Mara Zepeda, brings you a story of love and war from US National Guard Specialist Ivan Lopez, and his wife Jadira. Read story »

Pictured above: Ivan and Jadira Lopez on Valentine's day of their senior year in high school in 2007, before Ivan Lopez deployed to Afghanistan. (Courtesy of Jadira Lopez)

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Moving from Helmets to Hardhats

February 9, 2011

Finding work remains one of the most pressing issues for veterans back home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. One national initiative called Helmets to Hardhats is working with local partners around the country to help vets launch careers in the building trades and construction industries. As part of our Impact of War series, WHYY's Stephanie Marudas reports.

Pictured above: Iraq War veteran Jaime Sanchez Jr. is a second year apprentice with the Boilermakers Local 28 in New Jersey.

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