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PBS vs NPR March Madness

Let's see the replay

Brackets — Overview

WHYY's PBS vs. NPR March Madness Brackets

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We loved all the love!

#PBSvsNPR might be one of the best things on the Internet right now Brian E Bennett @bennettscience

I just got my ass kicked by #juliachild. And that's a sentence I never thought I'd utter. And yet, it feels right. Thanks @whyy :) mark walberg @marklwalberg

This NPR vs PBS bracket is the best and contains the toughest choices. Avery @avery_ayers

#PBSvsNPR is like a nerdtastic gauntlet of doom. Josh Cook @TheJoshAbides

#PBSvsNPR brackets! Now that's what I call March Madness! Beverly Yanuaria @BeverlyYanuaria

Garrison Keillor and I shared a Winnebago in my dreams last night. I blame this solely on @WHYY's #PBSvsNPR Public Media Madness! Carolyn Stewart @CarolynStew

... we liked the trash talk, too »