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In the summer of 2011, aspiring teen journalists came to the WHYY studios for a journalism summer camp. The students, under the guidance of WHYY's News and Information department and the Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons, engaged in a weeklong intensive course in multi-media journalism. Working in teams, the young journalists produced stories in multiple formats: print, video, and audio. You can read, watch, and listen to their stories here.

For more information on the WHYY Young Journalists Summer Camp, contact Craig Santoro at 215-351-3318.

2011 Earthquake Coverage

In response to the surprising tremor that shocked Philadelphia in August 2011 from the earthquake that hit Northern Virginia, WHYY Young Journalists covered reactions from the public.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Anarchists

The Wooden Shoe, an anarchist bookstore, has been disregarding cultural norms for over 35 years by using a system of decentralized authority to sell books, magazines, and assorted paraphernalia on liberal and controversial matters. The store does not profit from its sales; instead, it funnels all of its profits back into the store, the surrounding community, and other non-profits it supports.

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Rocky's Impact Still Felt Strong in Philadelphia

Everyday hundreds of tourists flock the streets of Philadelphia, heading to the Constitution Center, Liberty Bell, or a host of other tourist attractions. However, one site tends to stand out from all the others. Many make it their goal to see the famous, and somewhat infamous, statue of Rocky Balboa, the "Italian Stallion" played by Sylvester Stallone in the 1976 movie Rocky.

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Profile: Operation Ava

Operation Ava, a non-profit dog shelter and organization founded by nine-year-old, Ava Gutierrez, aroused negative sentiments amongst many Philadelphia animal activists when it opened this past February. Activists have made allegations regarding the operation of the shelter, including concerns about the shelter's work with other shelters, the shelter's president, and association with puppy mills.

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Controversy Over Ackerman Buyout

Despite the fact Arlene Ackerman has been bought out of her contract and removed from her position by the School Reform Commission (SRC), the controversy over her SRC buyout is far from over. Ackerman, who was ousted on Monday, was paid a total of $905,000 in taxpayer money and funds from private donors to break her five-year contract and abdicate her position.

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A Melting Pot of Melodies at the Market

At Reading Terminal Market, there are many shops and stalls. Along with the smells of food from around the world, one will hear sounds of music, which is just as exotic. These come from the street performers. Street performing requires a lot of reliance on the public. Tony Hamilton and Mike, who preferred not to offer his last name, are two ordinary street performers with extraordinary stories.

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Living Without Sight

At 9th and Walnut in Philadelphia, there's a place dedicated to making everyday tasks much more accessible for the blind and visually impaired. The Associated Services for the Blind (ASB) has been making independent living for the people without sight a reality for 27 years.

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A Child's Touch, and A Master's Art

Ohlerking's art is a vibrant and new take on street art. Anywhere David's colorful caricature appear, eyes are drawn to the vivid renditions of the city's finest people and places. David Ohlerking will continue to travel around the city painting eye-catching sites, working out of the trunk of his car, and getting kids involved in his artwork.

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A Sweet Business In a Sour Economy

Since his childhood, Michael Lewis has had a deep-rooted love for all things sweet. Michael cites his best childhood memories as the times he "got to spend in the kitchen with [his] family, bantering over what went right and what went wrong." Lewis, now the co-owner of Philly Chocolate as well as Philly Cupcake, beams as he recounts the stories of holiday cooking growing up with his family in Texas.

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A Changing Appetite

In the city of Philadelphia there are many vegetarians. In the past, vegetarianism was not a popular thing to be. In 2008, a survey was indicated that about 7.3 million Americans were vegetarians and about 22.8 million follow a vegetarian inclined diet.

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A Site Unseen

In 1899 the Philadelphia Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped was founded at 9th and Walnut Street, that helps the blind and visually impaired community. When the service was first founded its media was very limited. The library was a small division that did not provide many materials or media for the patrons use.

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Bob's Newsstand

In the city of Philadelphia, there are approximately 300 news stands. On the bustling intersection of 3rd and Market stands a humble but legendary news stall. Owned by sixty-one year old Bob Inamdar, this news stand has churned out lottery winners, attracted regulars, and spawned lifelong friendships.

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An Eatery Reborn from the Ashes

The City Tavern is much like a phoenix. Having been reborn from the ashes after suffering from a raging fire in 1834, today the Tavern serves as a historic remembrance of the many celebrations and events that occurred within. In 1834 the Tavern suffered from a fire that demolished most of the building. Luckily, records enabled the rebuilding of the Tavern to look exactly as it had before the fire.

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Dating in the Twenty First Century

As the world changes, the way people fall in love changes too. Today we have internet dating and speed dating in addition to the 'old fashioned' way of meeting people. Claire Prisana, of Speedatingusa.com's Philadelphia location, thinks that these new ways of dating take less time and are becoming more popular because people are too busy to spend time going out and finding someone they are compatible with.

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Flag Stores

As the Fourth of July approaches people tend to think of our nation's flag and reflect on its importance. When the American flag comes to mind, the ideas of freedom and liberty are made evident. Some people think the flag is a symbol for our country and others think it is a symbol of our independence.

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Street Musicians

At Reading Terminal Market, along with the delicious food, there is music everywhere you turn. Located at 12th and Arch Street, the Reading Terminal Market is always crowded with people looking for a nice bite. If one choses to eat outside along the side of the market, they are accompanied by many street musicians. Some play the flute, guitar, and drums.

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Used Media

On 2nd street lies three antique shops that, instead of giving into the new age of technology, have kept their identity of used books and music. These stores have not been lost even with the progression of technology such as the Kindle and iPad.

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