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Funding for the Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons was provided by:

  • Dorrance H. Hamilton
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Lincoln Financial Foundation
  • Delaware River Port Authority
  • The ARAMARK Charitable Fund at the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
  • Arcadia Foundation
  • Bank of America Foundation
  • Priscilla Brown
  • Kyra McGrath
  • Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation


WHYY Summer

In Summer 2007, students from throughout Philadelphia gathered to create short films at the WHYY studios. Their efforts over six weeks saw the creation of two narrative movies from storyboarding through the final edit.

WHYY Film Academy -- a Partnership with Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs

In Summer 2008, WHYY continued its successful partnership with Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs. Students from as far as away as Milan, Italy, came to the Learning Lab to produce their own narrative shorts. This year, the WHYY Film Academy ran two back-to-back, three-week sessions. The first week was devoted primarily to instruction, covering topics such as continuity editing, framing shots, lighting, sound, and acting. The final two weeks saw the teens on the streets of Philadelphia producing their own movies from scripts they had written. They served as actors, writers, directors, sound and lighting technicians, musicians, and editors, and completed their films from script to DVD in just 10 working days. This year's students produced three short films: "The Breakout," "Sit Happens," and "Finding Waldo."

The Death Wish
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In thee summer of 2009 students came from as far as Paris to produce their own film in the WHYY’s Film Academy. The students had three weeks to write, edit, produce, shoot, and act in their own film. The Death Wish was Shot at Haverford College and the surrounding areas.

The Breakout
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When an evil counselor imprisons four students for a crime they didn't commit, it's time to plot their escape. Combining elements of sit-com and action movies, "The Breakout" is 15 minutes of high-schooler hijinks, shot at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sit Happens
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A mockumentary about the MCAA, "The Musical Chairs Association of America," where today's finest - and most neurotic - athletes compete in the ultimate Extreme Musical Sitting competition.

Finding Waldo
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Waldo finds himself suffering from a midlife crisis after years of failed attempts to reestablish his career. On the brink of losing his mind, he seeks professional help, only to find that the reason for his depression is that he is lacking adventure in his life. In comes "The Finder," the only man on earth who has never been able to find Waldo...Until now.

Music and Teens
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Many have linked violent media to the rise in violent crimes committed by teens. With this in mind, and with the help of the Learning Lab and the School District of Philadelphia, students from around the city produced a documentary to see if music has an effect on teens.

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