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Listen to this audio essay:

Street Musicians

At Reading Terminal Market, along with the delicious food, there is music everywhere you turn. Located at 12th and Arch Street, the Reading Terminal Market is always crowded with people looking for a nice bite. If one choses to eat outside along the side of the market, they are accompanied by many street musicians. Some play the flute, guitar, and drums. If you walk around the block, at every turn you will see a musician contributing foot tapping tunes to the area. Spectator, Sean Martin, says that street performers “project a very good image of confidence and, you know, talent, if they have it.”

Chaz Colon, a spectator, had previously played with the street musicans surrounding Reading Terminal Market. He has built up numerous relationships with the performers. “Some of them I just meet and I tell them my story then we just get together and we play,” says Chaz, who enjoys playing Spanish music in particular. Chaz is not the only musician who has developed friendships with others. Felix, a retired 69 year old flute player has also become more than acquaintances with the other musicians. He says that he does “play with other muisians...” but likes to “...play by myself because I got a variety of music.” Felix plays pieces of music from all ethnic backgrounds and religions to the passersby. Overall, the group of musicians lining Reading Terminal Market get along and enjoy playing music with each other.

Guitar players, Roland Red Bear and Chris Hall, enjoy playing together. They both harmonize each other and create a smooth and pleasurable sound. Both are street preformers and on this certain day, they teamed up to please bystanders. Roland commented and said “A lot of us know each other we see each other on a regular basis.” The street preformers find no competition with each other and they all link together to provide the best music possible around the Reading Terminal Market. However, Reading Terminal Market is not the only place that has street performers surrounding it.

In most cities, you will be able to find a street performer. In multiple cities, it's a common way for musicians to make an income. In the streets of Philadelphia, Earnest West of New Orleans told us that the Reading Terminal Market performers are “...totally different, they can't mess with nothing from New Orleans,” but that they are “pretty nice.” Street musicians have also been spotted in New York City. Linda Carranza shared her point of view on the performers outside of Philadelphia when she mentioned “...when I lived in New York, it was always great when there was street performers...” Most people find the melodies pleasant to listen to whether it is in Philadelphia, New York or New Orleans.

Its going to be a nice summer while the people around Reading Terminal Market will enjoy their food peacefully along with the musical accompaniment.