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Dating in the Twenty First Century

Love is a timeless thing, people are always falling in and out of love. As the world changes, the way people fall in love changes too. Today we have internet dating and speed dating in addition to the 'old fashioned' way of meeting people . Claire Prisana, of Speedatingusa.com's Philadelphia location, thinks that these new ways of dating take less time and are becoming more popular because people are too busy to spend time going out and finding someone they are compatible with. According to datingreviews.com, one in five singles have dated someone that they met online. There is also speed dating, a process by which singles meet other singles in a short period of time and try to get to know them. These new forms of dating have people talking about which ways are the best way to find your soulmate.

In general people seem more inclined to date on the internet than to speed date. Kim Giyin, a passerby in Philadelphia's Washington Square park, thinks that it is easier to meet someone online because "you've got a bit more time up your sleeve. You don't have that rush backwards and forward conversation." Heather Conway, another passerby, added that these new forms of dating are more popular because "It's convenient. People don't want to go out and look for anybody any more so I guess that's why people use it."

Others think that these new forms of dating are insufficient and sometimes dangerous. Heather also said that "Humans inherently lie about things like their appearance, their job, their education [and other] things like that." Heather is right that some people do lie about those things, which can make internet dating dangerous. Emerlinda Sanchez, a passerby on Market Street, agrees with Heather that internet and speed dating is not a good thing but for different reasons. "The best way to fall in love is to meet unexpectedly," she said based off of personal experience. Her husband George stated his love for Emerlinda was love at first site. He told us they became one through loving each other and one year later they fell in love. This is evidence that even in our fast paced society, fairytales endings do still exist.

With new ways to meet people always emerging, one thing is for sure, love will always exist. It will always be something at one point in our lives that we will try to find. It does not matter which way you go about it, as long as you gain a rewarding relationship in end.