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Community - 2011

Traditionally, public television has produced content and sent it out to the community. Now we're looking for community groups to produce their own content on issues that concern them.

If your organization is interested working with the Hamilton Commons, contact us at 215-351-3318.

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University of the Sciences of Philadelphia

For the Spring 2011 semester, Dr. Claudia Parvanta, of the University of the Sciences of Philadelphia, and the Public Media Commons partnered to develop a special course for undergraduate and graduate students to learn about health communication and produce public service announcements about important health topics. The students came to the Public Media Commons for five sessions, learning video production. They wrote, shot, acted, and edited their own public service announcements.


Students from a local middle school raise awareness about how cyberbullying and demonstrative online activity creates an unsafe atmosphere for users. Produced by Ashley Saulnier

Eating Disorders

Young people have long suffered difficult issues related to eating and body image. Sometimes, for other young people, it is difficult to recognize the behaviors that indicate their friend has an eating disorder. Produced by: Jennifer Dukes

Underage Drinking

While older siblings want to appear cool to their younger siblings and gain their trust, doing so by providing them alcohol might not be the best method. Produced by: Andy Hoff

Elderly Medication

Many adults have to take a variety of medication when they become older and this can often present new challenges that they have not had to deal with before. Making sure they take their medication is an important issue. Produced by: Glenn Solomon

Get Into It

Young people have many opportunities to be distracted, especially by cell phones, Internet, and television, and often forget about the exciting things that they can do outside. Produced by: Jennifer Lehrer

Hang Up the Keys

For many adults who get older, they think they can still do all the same things that they did when they were younger. Driving can often be one of the most difficult things to give up, but sometimes you need to know when to hang up the keys! Produced by: Wendy Fox

Think Pink, Go Green!

New research suggests that living a greener lifestyle can decrease the risk of getting breast cancer. There are many simple things women can do to change their lifestyle and prolong their life. Produced by: Claudia Parvanta