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Community - 2011

Traditionally, public television has produced content and sent it out to the community. Now we're looking for community groups to produce their own content on issues that concern them.

If your organization is interested working with the Hamilton Commons, contact us at 215-351-3318.

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Rosemont College

The Public Media Commons partnered with Rosemont College to offer a course in developing book trailers, promotional videos for books, for graduate students enrolled in the publishing program at the college. PMC staff taught courses in developing and creating book trailers, and the students conceptualized, shot, and edited their own trailer for a book of their choice. Many of the trailers have been optioned by the publishers in order to promote the books.

Busy With Bugs: 160 Extremely Interesting Things to Do with Bugs

Author: Toni Albert, Video by Karen Kappe
An informational activity guide for parents and educators to introduce bugs to children.

A Life of Joy

Author: Amy Clipston, Video by From Farmer to Fame
Part of the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series, this novel follows the lives of some young women living in the Amish country, in Pennsylvania.

Sensational Stevia Desserts

Author: Lisa Jobs, Video by Lisa Jobs
Both educational and practical, this recipe book guides you through substituting stevia for sugar in some of your favorite dishes and treats.

Elements of the Table: A Simple Guide for Hosts and Guests

Author: Lynn Rosen, Video by Lynn Rosen
This accessible book will guide any host to properly prepare for and treat your guests to a wonderful time.

Moo Kitty Finds a Home

Author: Valerie Lee Veltre, Video by Elizabeth A. Knauss
Left homeless and alone, Moo Kitty learns many of life's important lessons in the events that transpire in this book.

Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother

Author: B. Morrison, Video by Orneno Wright
A memoir from a woman who is forced into poverty and begins to accept welfare.