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Community - 2011

Traditionally, public television has produced content and sent it out to the community. Now we're looking for community groups to produce their own content on issues that concern them.

If your organization is interested working with the Hamilton Commons, contact us at 215-351-3318.

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Risk Assessment Program

Fox Chase Cancer Center started a genetic screening program for cancer, twenty years ago, called the Risk Assessment Program. In honor of the program, they celebrated the many successes the program has had in detecting and predisposing patients to cancer. Fox Chase partnered with the Public Media Commons to help four families share their stories about going through the program and dealing with cancer.

Carlette Knox

Coming from a family with a history of cancer, Carlette Knox, one of five sisters, describes how genetic testing helped her better understand some of the causes for her family's predisposition and become better informed about their health.

Denise Portner

After battling breast cancer, Denise's aunt encouraged the women in the family to get tested. If not for this testing, Denise would not have discovered that she was a gene carrier and would soon be diagnosed with breast cancer herself. In this video, she describes why having knowledge about her health has empowered her and her family.

John O'Donnell

Despite not being a cancer gene carrier, John advocates for genetic testing because it has given his family a renewed importance in being well-informed about their health, so future generations can be taken care of.

Meredith Swinney

Produced by her partner, Sheri, this video describes how cancer has affected Meredith's life from a very early age, when her mother passed away, and what genetic testing has meant to her in moving forward in her life.