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Community - 2010

Traditionally, public television has produced content and sent it out to the community. Now we're looking for community groups to produce their own content on issues that concern them. Below is a sampling of past and present community projects undertaken by the Hamilton Commons.

If your organization is interested working with the Hamilton Commons, contact us at 215-351-3318.

Adult Documentary

Butler Cemetery

Butler Cemetery is the featured subject of this documentary produced by Sovonne Ukam on behalf of the Friends of Butler Cemetery. The documentary focuses on preservation and conservation efforts that have taken place in this important historical site, the resting place for many African American soldiers from the Civil War.

ANSP Documentary

As part of a documentary production course, Dan Keller turned the camera on the Academy of Natural Sciences to document research scientists at the institution are doing between water conservation and mollusks.

Clifford Brown Documentary

Educators from the state of Delaware came together to learn video production and digital storytelling skills in a three day workshop that culminated in the creation of a documentary about the Clifford Brown music festival that takes place annually in Wilmington.

D & R Canal

While taking a course in the Hamilton Commons, Siyali Sing created her first documentary. This short, meditative piece captures the soothing atmosphere of a popular and historic canal in Princeton, NJ. The piece is narrated by Siyali herself.

Youth Advocacy/Community Outreach

Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center

Students from Abraham Lincoln High School partnered with the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center to produce a public service announcement about the necessity and importance of water conservation and having clean water.


In a Summer 2010 partnership with the Philadelphia Urban Food and Fitness Alliance (PUFFA), eleven youth came to the Public Media Commons to create documentaries and PSAs on healthy food and fitness efforts in their neighborhoods. Five of the youth, working Southeast Philadelphia Collaborative, documented projects in South Philly. And six of the youth, working with the Enterprise Center CDC, represented West Philly. The youth infused creativity into their projects to appeal to a wide variety of audiences, from their peers at school to friends, family, and program leaders.

PUFFA, administered by the Health Promotion Council, advocates for accessibility to healthy food and for safe places where community members can be active and play. You can learn more about PUFFA and how to make it easier for children to have access to healthy food and safe places to live and play in your community by contacting 215-731-6195 or dlwormley@phmc.org.

Dameda Moore

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Durrell Hospedale PSA

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Growing in West Philly

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Khaila Monet Stevenson

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Maintain and Sustain in South Philly

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Stephanie Jackson PSA

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Family Media Projects

A collaboration between local families, ITVS, WHYY's Learning Lab, Behavioral Health desk, and Community Relations Department, the Family Media Projects presented here explore how three local families have engaged with a child's autism diagnosis.

Over two months, the families learned the basic skills necessary to create their own multi-media stories using WHYY's audio and visual production equipment and editing software.

It is WHYY's hope that this project will encourage individuals and families to tell their own stories.

The creation of the Family Media Projects were made possible through a grant by ITVS. For more information about ITVS, please visit pbs.org/independentlens

The Zukovsky Family
Delran, NJ

The Johns Family
Schwenksville, PA

The Rowland Family
Newark, DE