Public Media Commons Archive: Youth 2012

The longest running of WHYY's media courses, WHYY's Youth Programs offer hands-on production training for teens. After-school programs teach 10th-12th graders to produce short documentaries, create original radio stories and operate the equipment in the Lincoln Financial Digital Education Studio. Students can further explore their interest through a series of summer camps with focuses on multimedia journalism and filmmaking. Youth Programs encourage teens to explore their own worlds through media, as they create projects on topics they select themselves.


The autism spectrum disorder is extremely broad and often misunderstood. Experts doing research, providing service, and families negotiating challenges that come about when their children are diagnosed as being on the disorder attempt to demystify autism and bring awareness. Produced by: Ben Abbaszadeh, Luke Hoheisel, Taiche Taylor. Watch now »

High School Dropout

Dropping out of high school is a difficult decision and often comes with facing many social stigmas and stereotypes. Youth and adults, who have dropped out, talk about some of the real reasons that cause individuals to drop out, and showcase initiatives to reengage individuals in the academic process. Produced by: Markese Ford, Dominic Henderson, Rakiim Thompson. Watch now »

Music and Poetry

The arts play an instrumental role in young people's lives. Pursuing creative endeavors helps young people in social, intellectual, and emotional development. Two disciplines, music and poetry, in particular are featured here. Produced by: Jaki Conroy, Christopher Holmes, Jared Jackson, Roger Pham, Kamerin Stroud. Watch now »

Philly's International Foods

Philadelphia is known for cheesesteaks, roast pork, soft pretzels, and water ice. Visitors and locals have long appreciated the diverse ethnic cuisine available, however in recent years, the city has seen an explosion in offerings across many diverse ethnic cuisines. Produced by: Andrew Cowell, Alec Kassan, Jackie Mangini. Watch now »

Social Networking: A Gateway to New Ways of Interaction

New media and computing has exploded in the last decade, growing and developing exponentially, providing outlets for distribution, accessing information, and facilitating communication. Students who have grown up knowing a world where these technologies have always been a part of their lives try to negotiate how they work and what some of the challenges are in using them. Produced by: Mikhail Dacres, Rishi Dutt, Tafari Gravesande, Kaylan Lewis. Watch now »


Civic engagement is the foundation for a flourishing democracy. Helping other people spans religious affiliation or social status, and has been a value appreciated in America since its founding. There is a strong public perception that young people do not consider others in society, but there are many whose experiences and efforts go undocumented. Produced by: Aurora Seamon. Watch now »