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Who's Failing Who?
Watch the video


The debate about whether teachers or students are to blame for Philadelphia's poor graduation rate has been raging for years. To search for an answer, these high school students went out and got the opinions from both sides.

Created by: Taylor Perry, Kendall White, Joshua Collis

Label Me!
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So often people are judged before others get to know them. To explore what effects stereotyping has in high schools, students took cameras and interviewed staff, students, and the public for their opinions.

Created by: Kira Robinson, Sandy Sovann, Joshua Biney, Matthew Catledge, Aneesah Green.

My Philly
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Three students from across Philadelphia took cameras into their neighborhoods to allow outsiders a chance to view their "Philly."

Created by: Starling Idokogi, Imahni Ellison, Matthew Liggeons.

Why People Dance
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Students search for reasons on why people dance.

Produced by: Aliyah Lustine, Ireena Atkinson, Josh Smith.

Violence in Videogames
Watch the video


This report explores the aggression of young adults and its link to violence in videogames.

Produced by: Jafir Riley.

Watch the video


Report on students that have individual educational plans.

Produced by: Ralph Lemar, Jourdan Dunbar, Chris Karch.

Bluebond Guitars
Watch the video


A young musician takes us inside a guitar shop that serves as a music school.

Produced by: Sage Raboczi.

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center
Watch the video


One student shows how community centers can serve as safe havens for teens in urban areas.

Produced by: Tyreece Powell.

The B.G.C. News


Watch the video
The kids, teen workers, and staff from The Boys and Girls Club of Camden County teamed up with The Learning Lab at WHYY to create a news video highlighting some of the best activities from the 2008-2009 year. The kids shortened the name of the video themselves from The Boys and Girls Club News to the much better sounding B.G.C. News!

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