Archive: 2013 Young Journalists Summer Camp

This award-winning, hands-on camp gives you the opportunity to use WHYY production equipment to develop and produce news stories based on your interests, while under the tutelage of experienced media instructors. Facilitated by the staff of WHYY's Dorrance H. Hamilton Public Media Commons, the two-week intensive camp features lectures and training sessions from the renowned staff of WHYY's news department. For students finishing 9th-12th grade.


Center for Art in Wood

Career Wardrobe

Record Store

First Person Arts

Miss Rachel's Pantry

Local Designers


Teens and Cellphones

Walnut Street Theatre

Teens and Sleep

Books and Movies

Berley Brothers Preserve History on Market Street

Philadelphia's Parks and Playgrounds

Hip City Veg

Hot Diggity

The Oval

The Scoop on Psychics

Reading Terminal