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About Anthology

Anthology is a brand new show produced by the Public Media Commons at WHYY to showcase videos produced by community members about issues and concerns that are most important to them.

Executive Producer: Craig Santoro, Producers: Steven Dixon, Henry Cohn-Geltner, Host: Steven Dixon

Anthology Special Edition! Featuring Videos from the Youth Media Awards
Episode 3 of Anthology features videos chosen as finalists for the 2011 WHYY Youth Media Awards! The Youth Media Awards (link here) showcases and celebrates outstanding youth produced media, across a variety of genres--news and documentary video production, narrative video production, music video, animation, and many more. The first year saw more than 150 videos submitted for consideration in judging and three winners were chosen in each of three categories, in both the middle school and high school division. The finalists were invited to WHYY to participate in a screening and awards ceremony on October 13, 2011.

Interviews with the filmmakers
Below you can see extended interviews with all of the finalists from the ceremony and visit the awards homepage to find out how you can submit work for consideration in the 2012 Youth Media Awards!

Andre Reed

Daniel Martin

Gabe Altopp

Jessica Grose

Mary Kate Santalucia

Madeline Bowne

Ani Acopian

Celijah Cook

Dylan Yachyshen

Jake Oleson

Kira Homsher

Myranda Mallenbaum

Dan Frantz

Deirdre Braun

James Tralie

Kris Theorin

Patrick Meyer

Will Politan