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About Anthology

Anthology is a brand new show produced by the Public Media Commons at WHYY to showcase videos produced by community members about issues and concerns that are most important to them.

Executive Producer: Craig Santoro, Producers: Steven Dixon, Henry Cohn-Geltner, Host: Steven Dixon

Anthology: Episode 2
This episode of Anthology features four exciting videos by our youth and adult producers. Host Steve Dixon again guides you through the show, featuring interviews by the filmmakers and original music by a some aspiring young artists from Philly. The videos featured are:

  • Adulthood Produced by Andre Reed, Daniel Martin, Victoria Lomax
    This documentary explores what it means to be an adult as teenagers begin to mature and prepare for adulthood.
  • Rose O'Neill Produced by Linda Rodgers
    Weaving original artwork and archival footage, the subject of this biographical narrative, Rose O'Neill, one of America's first female illustrators and a prominent entrepreneur was instrumental in helping advance labor rights for women in a historically male dominated field.
  • Jacked Up Produced by Khalil Steward, Jared Jackson, Dominiq Gilyard
    Teens explore the issues of head-to-head collisions, injuries, and safety in amateur football amidst concerns that emerged in 2010 about recurrent injuries happening to players in the professional leagues.
  • Rapping in Philly Produced by Fabliha Khurshan, Madi Pignetti
    Profiles of three up-and-coming hip hop acts from the City of Brotherly Love. What makes them special is that they are all in high school when they started performing.