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Hamilton Commons

After School: Spring


Produced by: Victoria Lomax, Daniel Martin, Ashley Morales, Andre Reed

This documentary explores what it means to be an adult as teenagers begin to mature and prepare for adulthood.

Arts in Education

Produced by: Don Otto, Marcy Rivera

As education budgets around the nation are decreasing, so go the availability of school districts to support arts education programs in school. In Philadelphia, almost 50% of art and music teachers might be unemployed in the upcoming school year. This could have serious implications for the cultural and financial viability of the city and the nation in years to come.

Broad Street Run

Produced by: Charles Nicholas, Nicholas Porretta

Every year, Philadelphians flock to the city's most famous thoroughfare to take part in witness the Broad Street Run, a ten mile run straight down Broad Street. This documentary takes a closer look at the experience of going through the Broad Street Run.

Music in Motion

Produced by: Tyler Jones, Jackson Tritt

Why do you tap your foot when you hear a song you like? Why do you nod your head? Sing along? What makes music so visceral? The filmmakers here try to explore some of these questions and provide some clarity to why we enjoy music.

Rapping in Philly

Produced by: Fabliha Khurshan, Madi Pignetti

Take a behind the scenes look at three hip hop groups from Philadelphia trying to be heard and make a name for themselves. And, they are all still teenagers!

Viral Vending

Produced by: Lydia Bray, Deval Bolton

New businesses are increasingly relying on social media to be their main voice to the public. In Philadelphia, one industry in particular, street and mobile food, has capitalized on social media to reinvent themself, reach new audiences, and change the way people think about food.

After School: Fall

Jacked Up

Produced by: Khalil Steward, Jared Jackson, Dominiq Gilyard

The problem of head-to-head collisions in professional football has gained heightened awareness due to a number of prominent football players inflicting injury or becoming injured. This led three students, two of whom currently play on their high school football team, to explore the impact that witnessing this action has on younger players and the need to have more education about the dangers associated with playing football incorrectly. They speak with players, coaches, and teachers to gauge opinion about what good football education should look like.

Is College for Everyone?

Produced by: Andre Reed, Daniel Martin, Noah Grill, Tyler Kearney-Good

For high school students, the question of where to go to college always looms high above their heads, from the time they enter as freshmen until they are ready to embark on the next phase of their lives. More and more, high schools are preparing kids directly to go to college, but some students question whether or not this is the best use of their time, since college may not be for everyone. If that is the case, then what do you do? This documentary explores all factors that go into deciding whether or not college is the right choice for everyone.

Gears in Motion

Produced by: Luke Harrington, Taylor Matthis, Samantha Bunbury

This video is about the growing bicycle culture in Philadelphia and what that means for residents, pedestrians, and car drivers, as more and more bikes begin to negotiate the streets throughout the city.

Thirteenth Grade

Produced by: Pavel Vasilovski, Lydia Bray, Navpreet Kaur

This short documentary explores some of the difficulties and challenges that high school students and teenagers face in preparing to enter college. They look at the financial, social, and academic pressures that are imposed on students and look at many different ways that students handle these pressures.