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LOVE is unconditional and mutual giving and receiving.

"Nothing happens unless first a dream." Carl Sandburg

"Now is the time to make real the promise of democracy." Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

General Resources

Below is a list of the contents of this section. Click on any item in which you are interested for a fuller description and to reach the Internet link.

Corporation for National Service - Site for program that supports service-learning nationwide.
Internet Sites Related to Service Learning - Site for national clearinghouse on service learning.
Neighborhood Networks - HUD web site with resources for community-building.


Corporation for National Service: Learn and Serve America!
Learn and Serve America is a national service grant program that supports service-learning across the country. Learn and Serve America's project directory provides state by state listings of contacts for projects in which students are meeting community needs, while improving academic skills and learning habits of good citizenship (e.g., in areas of education, public safety, environment, health, and human needs). For additional information about Learn and Serve, K-12 in Pennsylvania, contact Ms. Dorothy Hershey (717) 783-7089. In Delaware, contact Dr. Margaret Dee, (302) 739-4667. In New Jersey, contact, Mr. Michael Gowdy, (609) 777-4612.

Internet Sites Related to Service Learning
The National Service-Learning Cooperative Clearinghouse is an adjunct ERIC Clearinghouse on Service-Learning. This site features links to K-12 schools, community-based organizations, and programs nationwide, as well as links to national initiatives, organizations, and higher education connections. See here also for links to the lead service-learning organizations who are the Cooperative's national partners.

Neighborhood Networks
Neighborhood Networks is a community-based initiative of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that encourages the development of resource and computer learning centers in privately owned HUD-insured and -assisted housing. These centers "work to build self-reliant neighborhoods that meet the needs of low-income families and seniors where they live." For additional information, contact the Neighborhood Networks Information Center at (888) 312-2743.


Resources Related to Service Learning in the Region

Below is a list of the contents of this section. Click on any item in which you are interested for a fuller description and to reach the Internet link.

Greater Philadelphia High School Partnership - Urban-suburban students team in service projects.
School District of Philadelphia - Site with resources for meeting district's service learning mandate.
The Institute for Service Learning - Describes regional resource agency for service learning.
Neighborhoods Online - Connections with groups working to improve neighborhoods.
Build-Com - List-serv for people interested in strengthening neighborhoods.
Volunteer Philadelphia - Site which publicizes volunteer opportunities.
Community Development Directory - A comprehensive data base of community based organizations in Philadelphia.
South Jersey Online - Site which links with non-profits seeking volunteer assistance.
Delaware Youth Vibes - Link to video clip featuring Delaware youth involved in community service.
Youth Action Delaware - Youth leaders recruit peers for community service projects.


Greater Philadelphia High School Partnership: Students United in Service
The site describes a partnership created by the Center for Greater Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania which brings together teams of city and suburban high school students to work on service learning projects that benefit the region and simultaneously strengthen their teamwork, project design, and leadership skills. Participating students build relationships that bridge barriers of race, class, and politics; contribute to the quality of life in the region through community-based service projects; and develop school-to-career competencies (e.g., problem solving) through service learning experiences. Click on links at this site for descriptions of team building and service learning project development activities, and profiles of completed projects.

School District of Philadelphia: Education for Employment- School-to-Career: Service Learning
The district intends to facilitate the integration of service learning by providing professional development opportunities as well as technical assistance related to community partnering, school organization, and linkage through technology. At this site, teachers will find resources helpful for addressing the school district's new service learning requirements for promotion and graduation. The resources will be designed to support the planning and implementation of project-based, structured service learning experiences involving teachers, students, and expert community partners. Click here and here to preview segments of a video featuring Kenneth B. Holdsman, Director of Service Learning for the School District of Philadelphia, discussing service learning. Video courtesy of Darian Bagley, producer, WHYY. NOTE: You must have RealPlayer to view. To download a free copy, click here.

The Institute for Service-Learning
One of thirteen agencies named in the National and Community Service Act of 1990 as a central resource for service-learning programs, the Institute develops model programs and provides training and technical assistance for educators interested in infusing service-learning into their school district curricula. Located on the campus of the Philadelphia College for Textiles and Science in Philadelphia, the Institute offers general workshops on service-learning, its fundamental principles, strategies, and outcomes. The Institute also provides thematic workshops which describe and demonstrate how educators can organize specific types of service-learning projects, including citizenship, intergenerational, environmental, and literacy projects. Contact Dr. Harry C. Wilcox at (215) 951-2269 for additional information.

Neighborhoods Online
Divided into three main sections, Neighborhoods Online is a joint undertaking of LibertyNet and the Institute for the Study of Civic Values. Click on the link for Neighborhood Programs to connect with non-profit groups and city agencies working to improve Philadelphia's neighborhoods. Click on the Philadelphia's Neighborhoods link to access information pertaining to neighborhood-based organizations, city agencies, local data and statistics. Click on Neighborhoods Online: National to connect with federal agencies and national organizations which address neighborhood concerns. The site also provides a search form for seeking "on site" information about a specific problem or area related to neighborhood development or participation.

Build-Com: The Neighborhood Network
This is an e-mail listserv established in Philadelphia by the Institute for the Study of Civic Values. Its purpose is to build a national network of people active in community organizations, human service agencies, the private sector, and government -- sharing ideas and information about how to strengthen neighborhoods and encourage civic engagements.

Volunteer Philadelphia
This site aims to support volunteerism in the Philadelphia region by publicizing volunteer opportunities, and offering resources to help non-profits develop their volunteer programs. The site's sponsors include WHYY TV12 and 91 FM.

Community Development Directory
Check this web site for a comprehensive data base of all known community based organizations in Philadelphia (from neighborhood organizations active in housing and commercial development projects to groups that organize activities such as cultural events, town watches,and block parties).

South Jersey Online
At this web site are links to non-profit organizations throughout nine counties in South Jersey seeking volunteer assistance.

Youth Vibes
Click here to view segments from a TV12 production called Youth Vibes, featuring Delaware youth involved in a variety of community service projects. Video courtesy of Rob McFee, WHYY, producer and host of the show. NOTE: You must have RealPlayer to view. To download a free copy, click here.

Youth Action Delaware
Sponsored by the Division of State Service Centers, this core group of youth leaders work through their schools, recruiting other youth to help implement community service projects which they have planned. As part of "Make A Difference Day", Youth Action collaborated with nonprofits from all three counties in Delaware on projects designed to address specific community needs. For additional information, contact the Delaware Community Service Commission at (302) 577-4965.


Practical Tools

Below is a list of the contents of this section. Click on any item in which you are interested for a fuller description and to reach the Internet link.

Introduction to Service Learning - Webquest on concept of service learning for middle schoolers.
Lions-Quest Programs - Site for connecting with related service learning programs.
The Kindness and Justice Challenge - Site which provides teachers with a kit to help students increase community service activities.
Youth Venture - Site which describes community service organizations created by youth.
Service-Learning Project Ideas - Links to model service learning programs from Maryland teachers.
Web Sites for Learning About Service Partnerships - Examples from large cities in the region.


Introduction to Service Learning for Middle School Students
The site outlines a teacher-developed Webquest lesson for introducing students to the concept of service learning. Working in groups, students research basic information about service learning on the Internet, and share it with the whole class. Class members then generate ideas for their own service learning projects.

Lions-Quest Programs
Go to this site for information and connecting links to Lions-Quest service-learning programs called Skills for Adolescence (grades 6-8) and Skills for Action (grades 9-12).

The Kindness and Justice Challenge
A web site which provides teachers with a grade-specific curriculum kit to help students increase their community service activities while strengthening character. Students in grades K-12 learn about the importance of responsibility, compassion, fairness, respect, honesty, nonviolence, and moral courage. They write down their acts of kindness (helping others) and justice (doing what is right), which are then posted on the Internet. The goal, as described by Martin Luther King 3rd, chairman of the Challenge, is to build "a new tradition of service around the Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday."

Youth Venture
This site describes Youth Venture's mission of mobilizing young people to develop their own opportunities for leadership by creating and operating organizations which meet their needs, including community service organizations. See here also for links to descriptions of a wide variety of successful ventures started by youth.

Service-Learning Project Ideas
At this web site are links to model service-learning programs devised by ten master teachers from the state of Maryland. The teachers were selected because their service-learning programs matched the standards defined in Best Practices: An Improvement Guide for School-Based Service Learning. produced with support from a grant from the Corporation for National Service.

Web Sites for Learning About Service Partnerships
Immediately following are web sites related to three different kinds of community partnerships in three cities: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Wilmington, Delaware; and Camden, New Jersey. 1) Philadelphia - This site describes multiple service programs and projects in which faculty and students from the university have partnered with school teachers and administrators, students, and community members from the West Philadelphia area. See here for a profile of the pilot program for the entire effort, the West Philadelphia Improvement Corps (WEPIC), and here for an overview of the many activities in which the Center for Community Partnerships is participating. 2)Wilmington - Click on the link titled Partnerships for Progress to learn more about how the Wilmington city government formed Neighborhood Planning Councils and partnered with members of the community in areas such as economic development, housing, policing, budgeting and financing. See also Wilmington 2000, and here for additional information on a privately-funded economic development partnership between the city's business community and the office of the mayor. 3) Camden - At this site, there is a thumbnail sketch of the economic history of the city, and recent federal, state, and private sector economic development partnerships. See here also for additional information, and here for a snapshot of a two city partnership aimed at unifying maritime businesses on the Delaware River.



Forum For Sharing Service Success Stories
Click here to access a forum for describing service learning projects and/or partnerships in this region and how they benefit different communities.

Forum on Making the Most of Diversity
Click here to access a forum for discussing what you have learned about the strengths of different individuals and communities, and ways of tapping those strengths in order to create a better, more loving society in the future.

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