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Love is a powerful force that sustains and nourishes a wide range of human relationships. It helps unite very different people, enabling them to form family, neighborhood, and many other kinds of communities. As love is experienced and expressed in a variety of relationships within those communities, it enriches the lives of all members and encourages their fuller participation in the more inclusive network of relationships we call "society".

The purpose of this web site is to provide teachers, parents, and other adults with resources for strengthening students' understanding and appreciation of family and local communities, as well as broader alliances formed to promote the common good. It is called "Across the Generations", partly because it focuses on resources related to the study of history, and partly because many of those resources support student learning through intergenerational communication. The majority of the resources are best suited for use with older students (middle and high school age), but the site also includes some suitable for use with elementary age students.

Part I of the web site, Beginning with the Basics, profiles basic tools for making learning about the history of different types of communities a more immediate, interesting, and challenging experience for students: 1) primary sources, 2) oral interviews, and 3) webquests.

Part II: Tapping Teaching Resources, provides links to specific materials (print, video, and Internet-based) which can be tapped by adults wanting to work with youth on projects which focus on: 1) family "roots", 2) neighborhood/community history, and/or 3) service learning.

Note: Within each section, there are also special sets of descriptive links to materials and media helpful for extending the learning experiences of students viewing PBS' "Africans in America" television series which recently aired on TV12.

Part I: Beginning with the Basics

Primary Sources
Oral Interviews

Part II: Tapping Teaching Resources

Family Roots
Neighborhood/Community Histories
Service Learning Projects