Call for submissions: PBS'
Genealogy Roadshow, Season 2

Genealogy Roadshow is an exciting and groundbreaking PBS documentary series that aims to reunite people from all walks of life with their past, present and future. Expert genealogists will uncover rich and surprising history about the people and places that make up our incredibly diverse and fascinating country.

Part detective story, part emotional journey, Genealogy Roadshow combines history and science to uncover fascinating stories of diverse Americans. The producers are looking for Philadelphia-area residents with an interesting story who want to explore their family's history. Chosen stories will be researched by a team of local experts and will be linked to the larger community history, revealing the rich cultural tapestry of the Philadelphia region and America. Submit your story »

Is there a family legend you would like to explore?

Is there a missing piece or person in your family tree you've always wondered about?

Do you believe you might be connected to our nation's rich history and folklore?

Have you discovered an ancestral link to a founding father or an American icon?

Philadelphia has been at the center of some of the biggest and most important events in our country's history. It was not only the meeting place where the founding fathers of the United States signed the Declaration of Independence, but also served as one of the nation's capitals during the Revolutionary War. During the 19th century, the city earned a reputation as a major industrial center and railroad hub that grew from an influx of new residents who emigrated from Europe. One of the most diverse cities in the world, Philadelphia is home to a deep pool of potential participants and stories. Because of this multi-cultural mix, many family histories have turned into family mysteries. The Philadelphia episode, which will be filmed before a live audience, will air on PBS in 2015 as part of Genealogy Roadshow's second season.

After participants are chosen, genealogy, history and DNA experts will use family heirlooms, letters, pictures, historical documents and other clues to hunt down more information. These experts will enlist the help of local historians to add color and context to the investigations, ensuring every artifact and every name becomes a clue in solving the mystery. Philadelphia residents are invited and encouraged to submit their personal stories as Genealogy Roadshow will unearth family and community secrets, reveal notable relatives and discover unexpected stories that connect the past to the present. Many answers will be revealed on camera before a local audience, in a historic building relevant to the cities – and the participants' – histories.

How to submit your story

There are two ways to submit your story for consideration. You can submit your story online here. Or, you can mail your application to Genealogy Roadshow, Global Content Productions, 15301 Ventura Blvd, Building B, Suite 330, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

When will I know if I've been selected?

At the end of the research process we will notify everyone via email as to the conclusion of our story selection. We will be contacting those that have been selected periodically throughout the process.

How is it determined who is selected?

There are several factors that determine who is selected, including availability of shoot days and story strength.

What if I have trouble with the web upload – what should I do?

If you are having issues accessing the application page, you can:

  1. Email us your story to
  2. Mail your story to us at: Genealogy Roadshow, Global Content Productions, 15301 Ventura Blvd, Building B, Suite 330, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Do I have to travel to be on the show?

The show will be taped in Philadelphia or the suburbs on September 12 and 13. You will need to travel to the event location.