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A Whole Month for Family Fun!

By Jenna Pastuszek, Educational Programs and Services Intern

August is national Family Fun Month, and what better way to end the summer than by spending some quality time with those dear and near to your heart! Whether it's a trip to your local swim club or a family movie night, spending time with your children before the start of the school year is an excellent way to build a strong relationship that will carry throughout the rest of the year.


In an episode of Maya and Miguel titled Family Time your children get to see family fun in action! In this particular episode, the main characters notice that many members of their family seem depressed and sad. They decide that what they all need is an escape from their daily lives and some time spent together! The kids plan a trip to a nearby camp site and do all of the planning and packing alone to make things easier on their parents and grandparents. However, many obstacles arise when they get to the camp site including forgotten items, a capsized boat, rain, and wildlife. You'll have to watch to find out how the weekend turns out! Maya and Miguel shows daily on WHYY at 3pm.


A family getaway would be an excellent way to enjoy Family Fun Month. Going to a new place is always very exciting for kids. Luckily, the Delaware Valley provides ample opportunities to visit a variety of places not too far away! If you think your family would enjoy a camping trip, there are many state and national parks located in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It also might be fun to visit the beach for a weekend. Delaware and New Jersey host some of the finest beaches in America, many of which are family friendly.

If your family is pressed for time, a day trip to a local park might work better. There are many local hiking trails which your family could explore. A picnic would be a great way to spend some quality time together outdoors. There are many websites which provide ideas for fun, kid-friendly recipes for picnic food!


Curious George Goes Camping
by Margaret and H. A Rey
See what happens when this little monkey and the Man with the Yellow Hat go on a camping adventure!

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping
by Peggy Parrish
The literal-minded maid decides to venture on a camping trip with her employers. See what happens when Mr. Davis tells Amelia to pitch a tent, hit the road, or catch a fish barehanded!

Beach Day
by Karen Roosa
Read about a family's day trip to the beach! Try and find all of the sandals and seashells along the way.

One HOT Summer Day
by Nina Crews
This colorful photo collage follows a young African-American girl during her day in her urban neighborhood.

There is always family fun to share with your children at WHYY. Is your family a member of WHYY Kids Club? If you haven't joined yet, this is the perfect time. Several exciting events are on the calendar for your family to enjoy together!

For more information, please check out these helpful websites:
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