Travel Tips

Listed below is important information to assist you in preparing for your upcoming trip. This information provided will help you have a more enjoyable experience while you are on your tour. To book your tour, or for more information, call Collette Vacations at 1-877-872-4331 and reference booking number 513726.


On some programs, there are a limited number of single and triple rooms. Double rooms usually consist of 2 beds. Triple rooms are normally a standard double room with 2 beds. A cot or rollaway bed may be added to the double room at some hotels, based on room size and fire codes. When triples are not available, appropriate charges for single and twin accommodations will be assessed. We make every effort to accommodate your specific requests and forward them to the hotels. These requests cannot be guaranteed as hotels may not always be able to honor them. Check-in times are set by individual hotel properties and vary by hotel. Depending on your arrival time, there may be a delay in gaining access to your room as most hotels offer afternoon check-in. We ask guests to observe check-out times at all properties as designated by the hotel. Some hotels require a credit card imprint or your passport information upon check-in in order to activate telephones in the rooms and for potential incidental charges. Most hotels charge an access fee for using phones in hotel rooms. Please check with the front desk personnel at each hotel for specific policies. Hotel membership programs are not applicable. In certain countries, hotel rooms tend to be smaller than standard U.S. accommodations. Please be assured that we use high quality properties throughout each country.

The Americans with Disabilities Act does not apply outside of the United States. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the special needs of tour participants. Persons requiring individual assistance must be accompanied by a companion who is capable of, and totally responsible for, providing the necessary assistance. Neither our personnel nor its suppliers may physically lift or assist clients onto transportation vehicles. We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to a tour member who has special mobility, dietary or other like needs.

Arrival Day Suggestions
Due to varied flight schedules and different arrival times of our tour guests, your tour will not have any scheduled activities prior to dinner on Day 1. Should your flight schedule allow for an earlier arrival time that day, enjoy the great opportunity for some independent exploration.

Clothing & Packing Tips
If you are taking prescription medication, please be sure to take an adequate supply for your tour and a few additional days, in original prescription containers. Medication should be packed in your carry-on baggage. Do not place it in your checked luggage. You may want to carry an extra prescription in a separate bag in case medication is lost.

Your personal bank card may work at local ATM machines in the destination you are traveling to and would dispense local currency. Please contact your bank to determine if this option is available, that your PIN number will be accepted, to inform them that you are traveling and to determine if any charges apply for each transaction. You may exchange your money at airports, banks, exchange bureaus, and at most hotels. In most cases, a commission charge will be assessed to exchange your money. At the hotel or in the city usually offer a better currency exchange rate than airports. We recommend carrying only a few major credit cards. Credit card purchases often provide an extra guarantee on your purchase (check with your specific credit card company for details and fees). It is advisable to contact any credit card company you intend utilizing while on tour before you depart to notify them where you will be traveling, to avoid any rejection of services. Discover Card is not accepted. Currency in England, Scotland and Wales is the British Pound. Please note that many places in Europe will not accept 100 USD bills as there has been a high rate of counterfeit notes circulating. Local currency will be needed for lunches, gratuities and small items such as postcards and postage. Pubs and small tea rooms, where you will have lunch generally do not accept credit cards. If optional tours are made available to purchase, please note that credit cards must have an expiration date of greater than 30 days from the start of the tour.

An adaptor (which changes the physical plug) and/or converter (which changes the electric current) are necessary if you plan to use an appliance with voltage different from the standard within the country you are visiting. Please note, if your appliance has dual voltage you may still need an adaptor for the plug. When packing your electronic items for travel, please review the converter electric current level to make sure it is the same or greater than the items you are planning on using. If you plan on utilizing or transporting a sleep apnea machine, please remember to pack an extension cord and adapter plug to ensure proper function.

Elevation on this tour will not exceed 1,500 feet.

Helpful Hints
Bring a camera, memory cards, film, and batteries and be sure to bring enough photography supplies for your entire trip. If you have a video camera, bring an extra battery, plus proper recharging equipment. Due to security screening, we recommend storing your equipment in your carry-on luggage. Bring a travel alarm clock, travel sewing kit and an alcohol based gel hand sanitizer when soap and water is not accessible. Pack items that may leak in plastic bags. Do not pack any articles of value in your checked luggage. As a precaution, we suggest that you divide the contents of your suitcase with your traveling companion. Avoid over packing and leave room for souvenirs that you plan to take back home.

Bring a copy of your passport/identification and pack it separately from the original. Leave a copy of your tour itinerary at home with your emergency contact and a copy of your passport. Remember when flying you can only take one quart size bag with no more than 3 ounces of any one liquid. Liquids that do not fit in the one quart size bag and are larger than 3 ounces will be discarded by security. Remember to hydrate and get up and stretch while flying. If you are considering using your cell phone while traveling internationally, you should check with your cell provider concerning their access and charges for overseas calls, texting and emailing for the specific destination you are traveling to.

Included Features
The following are included in your tour package: transportation via motorcoach, accommodations, hotel luggage handling, meals, sightseeing, admission charges (as outlined in your itinerary), and applicable gratuities for bellmen, doormen and dining room wait staff. Customary gratuities for hotel housekeeping staff, local sightseeing guides, drivers and tour managers have not been included.

Due to the limited motorcoach capacity, one carry-on (36 inches in length, height and width; not to exceed 11 lbs. /5.2 kg.) and one checked luggage (62 inches in length, height and width; weight not to exceed 23kg/50lbs) are allowed. Please consult with your scheduled airline as luggage fees and restrictions vary by carrier and destination. Wheeled carry-ons are not suitable for coach tours. If you exceed the limit of 2 bags, we cannot guarantee that your additional luggage will be able to fit in the touring vehicle. Storage or shipment of additional luggage will be at your own expense. If we are able to accommodate your additional luggage, we will assess a fee of 4 USD per bag per hotel. Please remember to label your luggage and important items with your name, home address and telephone number. We recommend labeling your luggage on both outside and inside of the bag. Please attach only the plastic luggage tag included in this mailing to your checked luggage before checking in for your flight. Your paper luggage tag is to be attached at the first hotel. We cannot assume liability or accept claims for loss or damage to luggage and personal effects due to breakage, theft or normal wear and tear that results from hotel, airline and group carrier handling. It is in your best interest to have adequate insurance (such as our comprehensive "No Worries Travel Protection") to cover these eventualities.

Most meals are included as indicated in your itinerary. Guests with special dietary requirements must advise their travel counselor at the time of booking and also the tour manager upon joining the tour. When information is provided, every effort will be made to accommodate these requests. Please be advised that the average cost of meals (not inclusive of tax and gratuity) that are not included in your tour are as follows: breakfast 10 to 20 USD, lunch 15 to 30 USD and dinner 20 to 50 USD.

Any person entering or leaving the EU and carrying cash of a value of €10,000 or more must declare it. The term "cash" includes currency notes, coins, bankers' drafts, cheques and travelers' cheques. Travelers who fail to declare any amount over €10,000 will face stiff sanctions and could face penalties of as much as €8,000.

Reading List
Interested in reading about your destination before you depart? Collette has pre-selected travel guides, novels and books on history, nature and art to help enhance your total vacation experience. You can access the complete list by typing the following into your web browser. Select the region of the world to find your tour:

Smoking Restrictions: Our tours are non-smoking throughout. If you require a smoking room, please alert your agent upon tour booking. Please be mindful of locations where smoking is prohibited: the motorcoach, at dining venues and other restricted areas on tour including most hotels. Customers are responsible for any fines incurred for failure to comply with smoking restrictions.

Time Zone
Britain is 5 hours ahead of (EST) Eastern Standard Time.

Flight Information, Departure Taxes & Fees Land Only Vacations: If you chose to purchase a land only vacation, pay particular attention to flight segments that occur during the tour which are not included in your land only rate. You must purchase these internal flight segments and the schedule must match the flights that we utilize on the group tour. Please provide us with your flight schedules for the entire tour six weeks prior to departure so we may secure services if you purchased transfers from us, as well as maintain emergency contact. Air Inclusive Vacations Air inclusive vacations cover air transport to and from your origin gateway as well as all internal air segments on tour. In order to comply with Homeland Security's "Secure Flight" mandate, all passengers must provide full name, date of birth and gender at time of reservation. Your airline ticket must match the name on your valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID to be shown at the airport (including middle name, first or middle initial). If you are a member of a participating frequent flyer program, provide the number upon booking and retain the passenger copy of your ticket and boarding pass to ensure that you receive proper credit of your mileage. Some air tickets are not eligible for mileage accrual. Whenever possible, we will add charges for air departure taxes to your invoice. Some international arrival and departure fees are not included in your air ticket and must be paid by you on tour in local currency.

We are pleased to provide you with complimentary airport to hotel, and hotel to airport transfers at the beginning and end of an escorted tour when you purchase an air-inclusive vacation. Land-only clients who have purchased round trip transfers will be accommodated at the same times as air inclusive clients. Arrival meeting locations and transfer departure times are provided on your document booklets. On some programs there may be a waiting period at the airport due to varying flight schedules of other arriving passengers. If you have secured your own transfer, you may meet your tour manager at the hotel. Motorcoach Information: We do not own or operate vehicles. We charter quality coaches that are temperature controlled vehicles. Coach size may vary based upon the number of tour patrons. In certain countries, lavatory equipped motorcoaches are not available or the lavatory is for emergency use only. Frequent stops will be made en route for comfort and convenience. Seat Rotation: Seats are rotated for the benefit of our tour guests. This fosters communication, and enables our guests to enjoy a variety of vantage points on the motorcoach. Guests will rotate seats at least once a day, as directed by the tour manager. In fairness to all, there will be no exceptions to this policy.