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Public Art—The Fairmount Park Art Association
We explore two contemporary works of public art: Jody Pinto's 1987 Fingerspan in the Wissahickon Valley and Pepon Osorio's 2003 I have a story to tell you, at Congreso de Latinos Unidos. Each highlights very different and quite fleeting impressions. Each reinforces shared memories. Without them, we would be floating through the present, probably unseeing, most likely unknowing.

Recent Stories

Historic Rittenhouse Town
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The Rittenhouse family, whose name is so familiar to Philadelphians, traces its local roots to Colonial times. Learn how Rittenhouse Town began as America's first paper mill and surrounding community, and see how visitors can make their own paper and cook colonial style.

Lidia Kaminska Accordian Player
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This young classical musician's goal is to make the accordion as popular in America as it is in Europe, and to increase its concert profile. As she says, "I don't play polkas, I play Bach and Scarlatti." And she proves it.

Comcast Video Wall
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Philadelphia's tallest and greenest office tower is also the home of the largest high definition video display in the world. Located in the lobby and open to the public, the display contains 6,000 modules with light-emitting diodes that make the walls spring to life.

ENIAC Computer
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Jim Reed, grandson and doppelganger of John Mauchly, co-inventor of the ENIAC, details how the development of the world's first electronic computer was accidentally created after an effort to correlate a relationship between sunspots and the weather. With rare archival footage of Mauchly and the ENIAC itself at work.