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Please complete the form below to let us know about your specific areas of interest as a WHYY volunteer. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch shortly with more information about the opportunity you've selected. If you are part of a non-profit or other community organization that would like to get involved with WHYY's on-air membership campaigns, please indicate below. Thanks for your support!

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WHYY reserves the right to request a state Criminal Background Check (CBC) and a Child Abuse History Clearance (CAC) upon acceptance into WHYY's volunteer program. Volunteers' continuation in the position will be contingent on the results of the aforementioned clearances. If requested, WHYY will ask volunteers to complete the application forms for a CBC and CAC prior to their first day, and will cover the cost of each application form.

A conviction record will not automatically result in your disqualification of volunteering; felony and misdemeanor convictions will be considered only to the extent they relate to the volunteer position for which you are being considered. However, failure to disclose a conviction and/or mischaracterization of a conviction will result in your ineligibility for volunteering and/or termination from volunteering (even if the conviction would not have barred your eligibility for volunteering had it been properly disclosed).