Supporters: 2015

The following individuals are ensuring the future of WHYY with legacy gifts through their estates. Bequests were received in Fiscal Year 2015 from:

Anna E. Schneider
Catherine E. Baylog
Allen Bonnell
James T. Carson
Helen Huebl
Ellen Cole Miller
Barrie May O'Gorman
I. Edward Picker
Ilona Ring
Anna E. Schneider
Douglas A. Whyte
Robert C. Williams and Marietta E. Williams

We thank the following individuals who have provided for WHYY in their estate plans with gifts for the future through June 30, 2015:

Anonymous (9)
Mr. Richard P. Brown, Jr.
Ms. Willo Carey
Ms. Melanie W. Chadwick
Bob Haver
Mrs. Frieda Hopkins
Mr. Lee Huff
Ms. Debbie Kaplan
Ms. Jane H. Kesson
James and Carol McKelvey
Mr. James McKinney
Ms. Susan E. Odessey
Ms. Karen Pinsky
Mr. F. Lee Radzicki
Mr. Francis Rasmus
Mr. Nicholas Sanders
Judith Shapiro, Ph.D.
Ms. Molly D. Shepard
Mr. A. Roy Smith
Ms. Elaine Stainburn
Ms. Carolyn K. Staley
Mrs. Patricia S. Stover
Mr. Thomas W. Teel
Ms. Florence S. Witonsky

We thank the following individuals who have provided for WHYY by arranging Charitable Gift Annuities through June 30, 2015.

Anonymous (1)
Ms. Lynda Eckes
Mr. Van Eckes
Connie and Thomas Fewlass
Mary Bert Gutman
Mr. David Holman
The Kranzdorf Family Foundation
Mr. Hugh MacDonald
Curtis Thomsen, Ph.D.
Geraldine and Francis J. Welsh

We thank the following corporations and businesses, which supported WHYY with gifts and grants of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015:

American Water Works Company
Aqua America
Bank of America
Ben Franklin Technology Partners
BIRE Financial
Blue Prairie
Blum Contractors, LLC
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Brandywine Realty Trust
Chase Bank
CRW Graphics
Day & Zimmermann, Inc.
DMW Direct
Duane Morris, LLP
DuPont Corporation
Ernst & Young, LLP
Free To Choose Media
Freedom Credit Union
Haverford Trust
IBEW Local 98
Independence Blue Cross
Janney Montgomery Scott
Longwood Gardens
M & T Charitable Foundation
Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
National Constitution Center
New Age Industries
NFP Property and Casualty Services
National Public Radio
Philadelphia Contributionship
Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Philadelphia Energy Solutions
PNC Financial Services
Public Financial Management
Public Health Management Corporation
Rennoc Corporation Foundation, Inc.
Salveson Stetson Group, Inc.
Subaru of America, Inc.
The Bancorp Bank
The Grand Opera House
The Leader's Edge
The Lenfest Group
UGI Utilities, Inc.
University City Science Center

The following foundations and other agencies contributed $1,000 or more for programs and services between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015:

Anonymous (3)
AMJ Foundation
ARAMARK Foundation
Austelle Foundation
Richard P. Byler Charitable Fund
Louis N. Cassett Foundation
The CHG Charitable Trust
Colket Foundation
Connelly Foundation
Council on Library and Information Resources
Oliver Dewey Marcks Foundation
The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Ellason Downs Perpetual Charitable Trust
Alex J. Ettl Foundation
Moses Feldman Family Foundation
Samuel S. Fels Fund
Joseph and Marie Field Foundation
William Goldman Foundation
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Otto Haas Charitable Trust
Hamilton Family Foundation
The Huron Foundation
Jacobs Charitable Trust
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Arthur Judson Foundation, Inc.
The Kranzdorf Family Foundation
The Langfit Family Foudation
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation
Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation
McLean Contributionship
The Leo Model Foundation
Robert E. Lamb Foundation, Inc.
National Constitution Center
National Endowment for the Arts
The Nessa Forman Family Fund
Neubauer Family Foundation
Public Broadcasting Service
The William Penn Foundation
Pew Charitable Trusts
The Philadelphia Cultural Fund
Public Health Fund
The Suzanne Roberts Cultural Development Fund
Elizabeth B. and Arthur E. Roswell Foundation
Caroline J. Sanders Trust #2
Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation
The Schnur Family Philanthropic Fund
Alice Shaver Foundation
Siemens Caring Hands Foundation
The Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation
Sutherland Family Charitable Fund
The Turner Family Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
The HJW Foundation / Wyss Foundation

We thank the following Mercury Society members for their generous support with gifts to WHYY from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015:

Titanium Circle
($25,000 and more)

Anonymous (1)
Patricia and David Atkinson
Mrs. Edith Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Keith
Mr. Joseph Neubauer and Ms. Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer
Mr. and Mrs. L. Frederick Sutherland

Platinum Circle
($10,000 to $24,999)

Anonymous (3)
Barbara and Ted Aronson
Jim and Janet Averill
Sandra K. Baldino
George Benes, M.D. and Michael Malee, Ph.D.
Elia Buck
Dianne and David Elderkin
Ms. Nina M. Gussack and Mr. Allan Stein
Nathan and Marilyn Hayward
Bill and Randi Marrazzo
Ralph W. Muller

Gold Circle
($5,000 to $9,999)

Anonymous (2)
Ms. Carol Baker and Mr. Mark Stein
Ms. Jessica M. Berwind
Ms. Barbara C. Bisgaier
Mr. Richard P. Brown, Jr.
Lenny and Teresa Bazemore
Mr. Benito Cachinero and Ms. Deborah Gorman
Kathleen and Nicholas Chimicles
Barbara R. Cobb
Mr. Thomas Diederich and Mrs. Rebecca Diederich
Carol A. Dolinskas
Ms. Margaret N. Forster
Mr. John C. Fuhr and Ms. Joanne Hill
Dr. Michael Gindi and Mrs. Isabel Gindi
Doris and Arnold Glaberson
Barbara and Jerome R. Glickman
David and Linda Glickstein
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Horner
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kaiser
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Koenig
Mr. Herbert B. Mayo
Dr. Daniel K. Meyer
Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Neilson
Dan and Vicki Phelan
Vivian W. Piasecki
Mr. Harvey S. Rich
Ms. Marta K. Rozans
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sadoff
Susan and John Salveson
Ms. Cherylann Schieber
Eva and Marvin Schlanger
Sharon and Bill Schwarze
Roberto and Francine Sella
Antoinette Farrar Seymour
Mrs. Thomas Staley
Harold and Emily Starr
Harriet and Larry Weiss
Mr. William G. Wolfgang

Silver Circle
($2,500 to $4,999)

Anonymous (8)
Mr. Craig L. Adams
Arlin and Neysa Adams
Dr. Barbara M. Mathes and Dr. Patrick Alguire
Pam and Tim Alles
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Amoroso
Mrs. Rainey Augustine
David and Margaret Balamuth
A. M. Baldeck, M.D.
Mr. Dan Barnes and Mrs. Susan Barnes
Ms. Susan Bass
Mr. Karl Bennett and Mrs. Krist Bennett
Mr. Jeffrey Benoliel and Ms. Amy Branch
Dr. and Mrs. Milton L. Rock
Mrs. George Bissell, Jr.
Gladys M. Black
Mr. Jerry Blavat
Nancy Hellebrand and Casey Blood
Mr. Jonathan M. Broder and Ms. Joy Bernstein
Lois G. Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck III
Mr. Richard A. Bulger
Richard and Dorothy Burk
Mrs. Rosalie S. Cohen
Amy and Michael Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cole, Jr.
Dr. Alexandra Baker and Mr. Michael A. Colucci
Ms. Rosemary K. Cook Listano
Sarah Miller Coulson
Dr. William A. Crawford and Dr. Maria Luisa Crawford
Maria and Bill Dana
Mr. Theodore Danoff and Mrs. Diane Danoff
Dr. and Mrs. Dwight P. Davis
Amy De Shong
Mr. and Mrs. Clark DeHaven
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Dougherty, Jr.
Mr. Arnold G. Doyle
Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel
Mr. and Mrs. John Estey
Thomas Fekete, M.D.
Ms. Jeanne B. Fisher
Dr. Jean Flood
Rev. Burton Froom and Dr. Louise M. Lisi
Elizabeth H. Gemmill, Esq.
Ms. Elizabeth Glatfelter
Mr. Robert J. Glickman and Ms. Candace Bernard
Ms. Ellen Goodman and Mr. David Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Goodman III
Mrs. Sarah I. Gore
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Greenberg
Bernie and Harriet Gross
Ms. Susan Guiragos
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Haney
Mrs. Hannah L. Henderson
Mr. Arthur T. Herring
Nancy and Alan Hirsig
Ed and Lin House
Mr. Robert T. Hsu and Ms. Bonnie Chang
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jasper
Barbara M. Jordan
Patricia Kind
Mrs. Josephine Klein
Peter Kreek
Ms. Susanna Lachs
Peter and Emilie Lapham
Ms. Elizabeth K. Larsen
Mr. David Lerman and Dr. Shelley L. Wallock
Dr. Arnold Levine and Mrs. Linda H. Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Libson
Sueyun Locks
Ms. Fern L. Mann
Lori A. Martin and Christopher Eisgruber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Masci
Ms. Bonnie Matthaeus
Dr. and Mrs. V. Eugene McCoy
Ms. Mary F. McFadden
Kyra and Peter McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McNiff
Ms. Anne Melians and Ms. Christine Coll
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Nash
Susan Odessey
Ms. Karen Olejarz
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Oliver
Mr. Neil Oxman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Paikin
Jane G. Pepper
Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman
Anna Marie and William Petersen
Elise and Charles Pizzi
Mrs. Laura Poltronieri
Candace and Marvin Preston IV
Mrs. Jennifer Rice
Patricia and Charles Robertson
Mr. Howard Ross and Ms. Susan K. Hollenstein
Mr. William Sasso
Mr. Charles P. Schutt Jr. and Mrs. Katharine D. Schutt
Andrew and Bryna Scott
Lynn and Rodney Sharp
Ms. Molly D. Shepard and Dr. Peter J. Dean
Mr. Abraham Silverman
Mr. A. Roy Smith
Constance Smukler
Ms. Marylouise A. Sterge
Mrs. Patricia B. Sumner
Mr. and Mrs. G. Swaminathan
Mr. Irving Teller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thomas
Dr. Shirley M. Tilghman
Gail Ullman
David and Helen Wagner
John and Patricia Walsh
Mrs. Cynthia Warner
Ms. Suzanne P. Welsh
Mr. Dennis C. Wendt and Mrs. Susan Baker-Wendt
Mr. and Mrs. David Winikur
Ethel Benson Wister
Ms. Judith A. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Yoh III
Margaret and Andy Zuccotti

Bronze Circle
($1,200 to $2,499)

Anonymous (30)
Lorraine and Benjamin Alexander
Ms. Barbara Alleva
Dr. Donna M. Allmon
Mr. Luis Ambroggio
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Ammon
Ms. Linda L. Ammons J.D.
Ms. M. Brownell Anderson
Dr. Kevin Arceneaux
Mr. Adrian Costello and Ms. Keller Arnold
Dr. Jerold M. Aronson and Dr. Susan S. Aronson
Michael and Carole Artim
Drs. Joycellen Y. Auritt and Leslie D. Schlessinger
Rita and Robert Auritt
Ms. Heather Austin
Mr. William J. Avery
Ms. Kathryn P. Bagley
Irene and David Baker
Tom and Betsy Balderston
Mr. Robert Barnett and Mrs. Ana L. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Bartholomew III
Ms. Donna L. Battista
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Beaudoin
Jere R. Behrman and Barbara A. Ventresco
Dr. Robert Belasco and Dr. Jean Belasco
Dick and Mary Benioff
Jane Biberman
Mr. Thomas Biron
Mr. Eugene Bissell and Ms. Joann Bissell
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Blair
Sheila Bodine
Evelyn S. Bouden, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Bowersox
Mr. Bryan Bowman
Ms. Mary Ann Boyer and Mr. Chris Hall
Mr. Steven Scott Bradley
Richard J. Braemer and Amy L. Finkel
Ms. Lynn Bravo
Mr. Christopher Brito
Jill and Christopher Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Dan H. Brooks
Mary and Stuart Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brooks
Mr. L Stewart Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck
Jerry and Anne Buckley
Wayne and Cyndy Bullaughey
Ms. Vicki S. Burdett
Mr. Charles Burke
Robert and Cynthia Burke
Ms. Lynn Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Campbell
Cecilia S. Campolucci
Mr. Frank A. Capasso and Mrs. Mary Ann Capasso
William B. Carey
Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey
Patrick J. Carr
Ms. Marie C. Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Casciato
Bruce and Carol Caswell
Rosalind Horton Cauffman
Ms. Melanie W. Chadwick
Ms. Mary E. Chomitz and Mr. Morton A. Collier
Adam and Lucinda Chou
Mr. and Mrs. Heeten Choxi
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Clinch
Mr. Jeff Cogshall and Ms. Rosamond Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Cohen
Dr. Sidney J. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colalillo
Mr. Gregory L. Coleman
Mr. William G. Combs and Ms. Gail F. Combs
Dr. Marie A. Conn
Ms. Kelly M. Connelly
Ms. Patricia Conway Milgrim
Mr. Christopher K. Cook and Mrs. Laura Matey
Peggy Cooke
Gene and Shirley Cordes
Mr. Dwight Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Creamer III
Mr. David J. Crewdson
Mr. and Mrs. Neil H. Cullen
Ms. Mary Jo Dagney
Ms. Beverly A. Barnett and Mr. Alton J. Dahl
Mr. Walter D'Alessio
Mrs. Charlotte Danielson
Rhoda and Michael Danziger
Mr. Lawrence Davis
Ms. Patricia A. Davis
Dr. Dorothy J. Del Bueno
Ms. Karen Detlefsen
Ms. Suzette G. Dewey
Dr. Steven Diamond and Mrs. Barbara H. Diamond
Mr. G. Fred DiBona III
Tobey and Mark Dichter
Mr. James H H. Dicke
Mr. and Mrs. John L. DiLello
Mr. Pat Dilemmo and Ms. Maria Dilemmo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. DiPinto
Mr. Joe Donley
Mr. and Mrs. William Donnelly
Mr. Geoffrey Dorfman
Mr. Richard E. Downing
Ms. Anne H. Duffin
Ms. Marie Dumont
The Drs. Edwards
Mr. Paul Egan and Mrs. Adrienne Clements Egan
Mr. Blake H. Eisenhart
Mr. Richard Ellis
Dr. Mary Ersek
Matthew and Lori Espe
Carolyn and Joseph M. Evans, Jr.
Mr. Paul C. Farmer and Mr. Michael D. King
Dr. C. Melissa Fender and Mr. Timothy N. Fender
Dr. Gladys S. Fenichel
Ms. Nan Feyler and Ms. Lisa Shulock
Kay and Graham Finney
Dr. Joni E. Finney and Ms. Victoria G. Castelli
Jack H. Fisch
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Fishman
Mr. and Mrs. William Floyd
Ms. Deborah S. Forney
Mr. Geoffrey S. Forney
Mr. Andrew Fox
Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Robert H. Frank
Dr. Charles M. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Franlin
Jerry and Brenda Frebowitz
Karen and Jeffrey Freedman
Ms. Donna L. Fried
Mr. and Mrs. David Friedman
Mr. David Fuchs
Mr. John R. Fulton III and Mrs. Karen S. Fulton
Bill and Dot Gaboda
Ms. JoAnn Gadzicki
Mr. Harry Gaines and Ms. Debra Carrier
Ms. Suzanne Gansky
Mr. Christopher Gantz
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Garaventi
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Garber
Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Gillis
Mr. Michael Girard
Eduardo Glandt
Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Goldberger
Nancy Jacobs Goldenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Goldschmidt
Ms. Juliet J. Goodfriend and Mr. Marc Moreau
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Goren
Ms. Greenspun
Mr. and Mrs. Allan K. Grim, Jr.
Mary Bert Gutman
Dr. Stephen Guy and Dr. Ruth Frank
Dr. Kathryn A. Evers Haas and Dr. Allen B. Haas
Ms. Marion Halliday
Harry and Kay Halloran
Curt and Dona Haltiwanger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Handloff
Mr. Charles F. Harenza
Mr. John G. Harkins, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Q. Harrington
Ms. Sharon A. Harris
Dr. Amy C. Hart
Ms. Lou A. Hatfield
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hatstat III
Ms. Katherine Hatton and Mr. Richard Bilotti
Mrs. Robert P. Hauptfuhrer
Gabi and Bernhard Heiles
Ms. Ingrid Heim
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Helwig
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Henry
Rich Hilpert
Mr. Joachim Hirche
Mr. Carl Hitscherich
Ms. Cindy J. Hoffman and Dr. Martin Bergman
Mrs. Jo Ann Holloway
Miss Claire Holroyde
Mr. Carleton A. Holstrom and Mrs. Mary Beth Kineke
Drs. David and Patricia Holtz
Lynne and Harold Honickman
Ms. Frieda Hopkins
Ms. Christine Hoyler and Mr. Robert Jackson
Mr. Keith Ibach and Ms. Sandra Ibach
Mr. Olutayo Ibikunle and Ms. Ade Ibikunle
Stock and Eleanor Illoway
Kelly Irwin
Ms. Christine A. Jacobs
Miss Linda J. Jacobsen
Eileen and Joe Janssen
Ms. Pamela Joy Jensen
Ms. Susan Jewett and Mr. Carl C. Duzen
Ms. Janet L. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Keil
Mrs. Gail B. Keim
Donna and Stefan Keller
Dr. John Kelly and Dr. Barbara Kelly
Ms. Suzanne Kersten and Mr. Christopher Schwarz
Ms. Jane H. Kesson
Mr. Haris Khan
Jared and Nancy Kieling
Ms. Joan R. Kim
Ms. Jan M. King
Sallie and John Kingham
Dr. Mary Jane Kirkpatrick
A. Melissa Kiser
Mr. David Kistner and Ms. Tamra Goodrow
Mandy C. Cabot and Peter Kjellerup
Mr. Richard A. Klavans and Ms. Nancy Klavans
Mr. Mark A. Kleinman
Dr. Lorraine H. Kligman
Craig and Lori Knauer
Mr. Richard Koenig and Mrs. Georgia Koenig
Mr. Mitchell B. Kowal and Mrs. Eileen M. Kowal
Ms. Teresa H. Kuehlwein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kuhn
Bruce and Ann Press
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Kulak
Barbara and Al Kurtz
Dr. Linda Kurtz
Mr. Charles S. Lambert
Nancy Lanham
Joan Lapayowker
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Laufenberg
Mr. Mitch T. Lawn
Edward and Kathryn Lee
Ms. Jennifer Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Lee
Mr. Robert C. Legnini and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Legnini
Ms. Juliane R. Lehr
Mr. David Leibig
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Leist
Mr. and Mrs. David Leonard
Ms. Ivy Lewis
Claudette and Jim Leyden
Maggi Leyden
Dr. Gerald Liebling and Ms. Eun Sook Liebling
Ms. Annabel Liu
Mr. Kuang-Yu Liu
Mr. Eric P. Loken and Mrs. Sally Loken
Ms. Theresa E. Loscalzo Esq.
Ms. Maryanne Lowery
Elsie Lund
Mr. K. Tim Lung and Mrs. Robin S. Lung
Ms. Christine Lussier and Mr. Robert Hamill
Mr. C. James Luther
Dr. LeeAnn Srogi and Dr. Tim Lutz
Mr. John E. Lyons
Mr. Robert Mackay and Mrs. Patricia Mackay
Mr. Ian Mackinnon and Mrs. Mary MacKinnon
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. and Wendy L. MacMullen
Ms. Susan Madian
Ms. Nancy S. Magee
Ms. Dorothy G. Magers
Thomas K. Mammen, MD
Mr. Robert Mannis and Ms. Carol Mannis
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Manogue
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Marchetto
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Margel
Mr. James E. Marks
Dr. Abigail E. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Matarese
Ms. Anna Matsukevich and Mr. Jeremy R. Johnson
Mr. Robert R. Maven
Tom and Linda McCarthy
Mr. Stephen McDonnell and Mrs. Jill K. McDonnell
Mr. Francis J. McGovern
James and Carol McKelvey
Robert and Claire McLear
Mr. Andrew J. McNally
Mr. and Mrs. John McNeil
Dr. Mary P. McPherson
Ms. Lydia F. McVay
Dr. Richard Menin and Mrs. Barbara L. Menin
Madeline E. Miller and H. Gordon Leggett
Ms. Alice Milrod
Mr. Brandon Miniman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Mintz
Mr. Eustace Mita
Dr. Robin Mockenhaupt and Dr. Ralph Popp
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Moczydlowski
Charles J. Mode, Professor Emeritus, Drexel Univer
Mr. Daniel Molesky and Ms. Margaret Molesky
Mr. Jeffrey B. Mordas and Mrs. Ellen D. Mordas
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Morris, Jr.
Ms. Lynda J. Moyet
Ms. Susan B. Muller
Dr. Burnaby Munson
Mr. Martin J. Murafsky
Dr. Judith H. Murphy and Mr. Butch Sincock
Mr. Kevin C. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad B. Nelson
Dr. Kenneth S. Nelson and Mrs. Judith Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Newbold
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Newell
Mr. and Mrs. Percy K. Nikorawalla
Ms. Marlene T. Norwood
Mrs. Deborah Nye
Dr. Kayson Nyi and Dr. Corinne Nyi
Ms. Theresa O'Connor
Ms. Richelle K. Ogle
Kimberly C. Oxholm
Mr. Mohan Pandit
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Parrish
Mark G. Pavlovich, Ph.D.
Ms. Carol N. Peevey
Mr. David Perme
Ms. Marlene D. Petter
Tod and Betsy Peyton
Ms. Julie L. Pfeffer
Dr. Catherine W. Piccoli
Mr. David Knight and Ms. Lisa Pickering-Knight
Mr. Francois E. Pingon
Mr. Jeff R. Pitel and Ms. Ellen C. Pitel
Heather and Chris Plastaras
Bill and Bobbie Potsic
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Powers
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Praiss, D.D.S.
Mr. Daniel Promislo
Ms. Kathleen Propert
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Pyle Jr.
Margaret W. and Thomas A. Ralph
Mrs. Carol T. Ramsden
Priya Ranjan
Mr. Paul Rardin
Ellen M. Ravin
Ms. Catherine M. Recker and Mr. Matthew Pappajohn
Dr. Danielle M. Reinhardt
Mr. James Rens
Jim and Diana Resek
Mr. William E. Reynolds and Mrs. Rosemarie Reynolds
Ms. Nancy Ring
Stephen Robb
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rosato
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rosenberg
Frances and Harold S. Rosenbluth
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Ross, Jr.
Mrs. Louise F. Rossmassler
Jerry and Bernice Rubenstein
Ronald Rubin
Edward and Sharon Rubin
Ms. Tracy A. Saarela
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Sabochick
Patricia Saddier
Sue and Richard Salkowitz
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Sameroff
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Samsel
Ms. Rebecca Sargent
Ms. Srivalli Sastry-Kuppa and Mr. Nitin S. Apte
Mr. Timothy F. Sayles and Mrs. Victoria Sayles
Mr. Robert S. Saylor
Mr. Joseph Scandone
Ms. Catherine J. Schaeder and Mr. Eric P. Batterman
Dr. Jay S. Schinfeld
Dr. Amy E. Schmidt and Dr. Seth Weiner
Dr. Diane M. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schoenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Lauran R. Schultz
Ms. Mary Schumacher
Mr. Pete Schwartz
Ms. Schwartz
Dr. Jean Schwarzbauer
Martha Scott Walton
Ms. Martha Levine and Mr. Howard Sedran
Kathleen S. Sernak
Ms. Linda Seyda and Mr. Robert Boris
Judith Shapiro, Ph.D.
Ms. Alice M. Sharp
Ms. Joan L. Sharp
Dr. Olivia Sheridan
Mr. Stephen G. Shipley
Mrs. Ellen Sholevar
Dr. William R. Sigmund and Mr. Vito Izzo
Ms. Nancy Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Silverstein
Laurie Selber Silverstein
Mrs. Dorothy B. Skraban
Ms. Carolyn M. Smart
Dr. David G. Smith
Ms. Elizabeth Smith
Mr. Wayne Snover and Ms. Janet Tebbel
Mr. Ivan R. Snyder and Mrs. Hannah P. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Adhimoolam Sriram
Ms. Carolyn K. Staley
Mr. Rick Stamm and Mrs. Debbie Stamm
Ms. Anne P. Standley
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Stern
Ms. Rebecca Stern
Mrs. George E. Stewart
Bayard Storey
Mr. Jeffery S. Stout
Dr. Stephen Mechanick and Ms. Debra Subar
Mr. Chandrasekar Subbaian
Dr. Francis J. Sullivan
Mr. Joseph A. Sullivan
Ms. Carmen J. Sultana and Mr. Daryl R. Salomon
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Suplee
Barbara B. Supplee
Ms. Elizabeth C. Sussman
Suzanne Swann
Mr. Robert A. Swift and Mrs. Meredith Swift
Mr. Mitchell Tabas and Dr. Terry A. Putscher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Tafel
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Tancredi
Ms. Mihaela Teodorescu and Mr. Bogdan Butoi
Ms. Jane Terashima
Tom Thomas
John A. and Kathi Blatt Thonet
Dr. Robert Locke and Ms. Sarah Thorne-Locke
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Tierno
Kimberly Togman and Geoffrey Aguirre
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Townsend
Ms. Sandra Triem
Mrs. Barbara D. Trillich
Mrs. Melissa Trolene
Mr. Simon J. Trowell
Mr. Thomas G. Tudor and Mrs. Francine Tudor
Ms. Donna B. Tully
Mr. Mark D. Turner
Mr. Edward Tynan and Ms. Joan Tynan
Ken and Elaine Van Aken
Mr. and Mrs. Archbold D. van Beuren
Mr. James Van Metre
Mr. Vinoo V. Vijay
Mr. Paul E. Vilter and Mrs. Mary Vilter
Ms. Bonnie Von Robke
Mr. and Mrs. G. Clay von Seldeneck
Ms. Sandra Vondeling
Dr. Linda M. Walker
Ms. Viola Walker and Ms. Kathleen Walker
Ms. Teresa A. Wallace and Mr. John G. Chou
Mr. William Walls
Ms. Rachel Weinstein and Mr. Bruce Frohlich
Mr. Jon Weitzman and Ms. Karen Reever
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Wells
Ms. Mary S. Welsh
Ms. Jennifer A. Widner
Dr. and Mrs. Jay J. Williams
Ms. Rosalind D. Williams
Sankey and Connie Williams
Victoria R. Williams, Ph.D.
Andrew and Ellen F. Wineman
Ms. Linda C. Wingate and William P. Liberi, Ph.D.
Ms. Mary L. Wirth
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wood
Mr. Harry W. Woodcock
Mr. and Mrs. Kent T. Woods
Mr. Rhett D. Workman
Gloria Worrell
Ms. Patricia K. Worthington
Ms. Carla Wragge
Mr. Fred S. Wright and Ms. Anne Jeffrey Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Wummer
Dr. Ilana B. Pachter Wynn and Dr. William W. Wynn
Ms. Marsha F. Yankelev and Mr. Michael Eisenbud
Gerard and Elizabeth Yarnall
Mr. Claudio A. Zancani
Dr. Stephanie A. Zarus
Mr. Marc Ziss
Ms. Jan Levine and Mr. Michael Zuckerman

* deceased

Gifts were made in memory of the following individuals in Fiscal Year 2015:

Ruth Altlana
Roth Steven Altland
Louise Altman
Mary Bemesderfer
Michael Bristol
Valentina DeMarco
Tom Herskovitz
William Hamilton Hitchens
Madison Lee Hodges
Andy Keidel
Edith Kosmin
Virginia Lee Maley
Srinivas Murthy
James O'Donnell
Indira Papagari
June Riddell
Tim Roll
Mildred Ross
Peter Rowe
John Raymond Schaefgen
Walter A. Selfridge
John Schaefgen
Howard Shapiro
Sarah Elizabeth Tulloss
Shirley Winther
Katherine E. Wolfe

Gifts were made in honor of the following individuals in Fiscal Year 2015:

Mary Cole
Marty Moss-Coane
Mr. Joseph Neubauer and Mrs. Jeanette Lerman Neubauer
Chris Satullo

We thank the following Y Circle members for their generous support with gifts to WHYY from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015:

Anonymous (100)
AR Listing
Mr. Todd S. Aagaard and Ms. Kristen M. Flynn
Mr. Larry Abrams
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. James Abramson
Mr. Dilip Abreu and Mrs. Nomita Abreu
Mr. Dominic Abruzzese
Ms. Davina Acevedo
Ms. Lois L. Ache
Mr. Robert Ackart
Ms. Carolyn J. Adams and Mr. John Meigs
Ms. Linda Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Adlai-Gail
Mr. and Mrs. John Aglialoro
Mr. Robert S. Agran and Ms. Kathy Echternach
Dr. Rexford A. Ahenev Ms. Marie-Ximena Ahl
Mrs. Melvia E. Ahmed
Mr. Alfred C. Airone and Ms. Carolyn J. Kelly
Dr. Abass Alavi and Dr. Jane Alavi
Mr. Vincent Albanese
Ms. Susan Albin
Dr. and Mrs. Allen H. Alexander
Mr. Stephen Alexopoulos
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Allen
Ms. Elaine Allen
Mr. Scott Allen and Mrs. Robin L. Allen
Ms. Sara L. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan A. Allison
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Allison
Ms. Ruth E. Alsop
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Alston
Ms. Linda A. Altland
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Altman
Mr. Steven L. Altomare
Ms. Marie Aly
Mrs. Geraldine Ames
Mr. Mark C. Amstutz and Mrs. Barbara Amstutz
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin V. Andersen
Ms. Beverly Anderson
Dorothy C. and C. Anderson
Ms. Janet Anderson
Ms. Mary H. Anderson
Ms. Myra Anderson
Ms. Leha Anderson-Rhyens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Andrews
Mr. Paul J. Angiolillo
Dr. Karen Antell and Dr. Mitchell Saltzberg
Mr. Neil Antonelli and Ms. Lynne Antonelli
Ms. Virginia Appleby
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Archer
Ms. Marilyn Ardis
Mr. Elliot Arking and Ms. Andrea B. Arking
Mr. Conrad Arnold
Ms. Joan Arnold
Frank and Elizabeth Arrison
Mr. Reynaldo A. Aseron
Mr. Michael L. Askew and Mrs. Amelia Askew
Ms. Martha L Asplundh
Ms. Barbara S. Asteak
Mr. Boyko D. Atanassov
Ms. Sally E. Ater
Mr. William G. Atherholt
Mary Attig
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Auerbach
Mr. Stover L. Babcock and Ms. Jane Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Babick
Mr. Robert Baca
Ms. Barbara Badia
Mr. Donald P. Baehny
Capt. & Mrs. Rick Baghsaw, USNR (Ret)
Ms. Loretta Bagnell
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Bailey
Mr. Gary Bailey
Mrs. Ruth Bailey
Ms. Carol Baily
Ms. Alice D. Baines
Ms. Hillary H. Baker
Nancy and Tom Baker
Fran Balamuth and Michael Mullins
Mr. James Baldo
Ms. Margaret M. Balitsaris
Ms. Tanya Ball
Mr. Andrew Ballentine
Ms. Leslie Balmat
Mr. George M. Baltz and Mrs. Theresa Baltz
Mrs. Marie C. Bantivoglio
Mr. Michael Barber
Ms. Karen G. Bardawil
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Bardsley
Mr. James W. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Baron
Ms. Jeanne Barron
Mr. Robert Sehringer and Ms. Maria I. Barros-Sehringer
Mr. Kevin P. Barry and Dr. Carol A. Hart
Mr. James R. Bash
Ms. Ann Bassett and Mr. Ross Goldberg
Mrs. Mary Battin
Mr. James Bauer
Ms. Joan A. Bauer
Jon and Mary Baum
Ms. Barbara E. Bauman
Ms. Natalie Bauman
Mr. Paul J. Baumann and Ms. Marilyn D. Moody
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bayard, Jr.
Mrs. Eileen A. Bazelon
Mr. Robert Bazin
Mrs. Laurie M. Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Beadle
Ms. Kimberly A. Beals
Mr. Donald Bean
Ms. Tracey Bean
Mr. Glenn Beasley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Beattie
Mr. Edward V. Beazley and Mrs. Maria Beazley
Mr. Fritz Bech and Ms. Diane Runyon Bech
Robert and Barbara Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bedell
Ms. Patricia Beegoo
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Tara Beitler
Mr. Vivek Belagodu
Mr. Warren Belfer
Mr. Rodney D. Bell and Dr. Hannah R. Bell
Mr. William Bellows and Ms. Jane B. Palmer
Mr. Michael S. Benasutti
Mr. Larry Benner
Ms. Amanda Bennett
Mr. Barry Bennett
Ms. Kristen Bennett
Mr. Peter Bennett and Ms. Jean V. Nevins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Benning
Mr. Marc Benoff
Ms. Sara M. Benowitz
Mr. John D. Benson and Ms. Susan M. Sygenda
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Bente III
Harold B. Bergman
Ms. Diane Berkstresser
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Berlinghof
Joni Berner and Edwin Hemwall
Mark and Sandra Bernstein
Ms. Margarette Berry
Mr. Robert Berthold, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy Travers and Dr. Gerald Bertiger
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel A. Betancourt
Mr. Joel Bethany
Mr. Tim W. Bethuy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beyer
Mr. Amol Bhagwat
Mr. Rohith S. Bharadwaj
Mr. Anthony Biddle
Mr. and Mrs. Chris W. Biddle
Mrs. Nicholas Biddle, Jr.
Ms. Nancy A. Bielema
Ms. Marcilee W. Bierlein
Ms. Irene Biggs
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Bilheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Bilotta, Jr.
Mr. George W. Binder
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Binns
Mr. Andrew Binns
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Binswanger
Dr. Gene B. Bishop and Dr. Andrew Stone
Mrs. Margaret Bisirri
Mr. and Mrs. Caitlyn R. Bixler
Mr. Allen Black and Mr. Randy Apgar
Dr. and Mrs. Perry Black
Ms. Joan S. Blaine
Mr. David H. Blair and Mrs. Mary B. Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood P. Blanchard, Jr.
Mr. Dallam Blandy and Ms. Gail Blandy
Mrs. Ruth Blattenberger
Mr. Alan Bleier and Mrs. Margie Bleier
Bill and Nancy Blethen
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Blinder
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Block
Mr. Timothy Block and Mrs. Joan Block
Mrs. Audrey J. Blossic
Ms. Elizabeth Blowers-Nyman
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Blumberg
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Blumberg
Richard and Carol Boardman
David and Patricia Boath
Mr. and Mrs. Jozef Bobok
Dr. Alex B. Bodenstab
Jean G. Bodine
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Boesch
Ms. Molly Bogan
Mr. Robert W. Bogle
Mr. Thomas R. Boldt and Ms. Elizabeth Specht
Mr. Jerry Bollenbach
Ms. Nancy Bonadio
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon M. Bonovitz
Rev. & Mrs. Curtis Book
Joseph and Frances Bordogna
Ms. Amy B. Borovoy
Mr. Francis J. Borowsky, Jr.
Mrs. Renee Borstad
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Boscov
Ms. Mary C. Boudart and Mr. Donald Callende
Ms. Roseann R. Bove
Ms. Vicki Bowers
Dr. John R. Bowlin
Ms. Martha Bowlsbey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bown
Mr. William W. Boyce
Ms. Donna Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Boyer
Mr. James J. Boyle
Ms. Beth Braconi
Mr. and Mrs. David Bradford
Mr. Matheu Bradier
Ms. Ann Bradley
Mr. Carlos Bradley
Mr. Keith Brand
Ms. Lindy L. Brandt and Mr. John Anderson
Mr. Daniel J. Brashler and Miss Pamela J. Wright
Mr. Ed Breiner and Mrs. Julie Breiner
Dr. Krista Breithaupt
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brennan
Mrs. Judith G. Breslin
Mr. Clyde Bridges
Ms. Dolores E. Brien and Mr. Leo Dolenski
Ms. Marie A. Brill
Mr. Patrick A. Brill-Edwards
Mr. Thomas Briola
Ms. Berta J. Britz
Mrs. Sheila M. Broderick
Ms. Sharon Bromberg and Mr. Aaron Gaber
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bromley
Mrs. Glendora Brooks
Ms. Jeanette Brooks
Mr. Lars Brooten
Ms. Antoinette J. Brown and Ms. Joan Lovenbury
Ms. Darnetta Brown
Ms. Gayle Brown
Ms. Hilary Brown
Ms. Marge Brown
Mr. Ray Brown
Mrs. Susan L. Brown
Mr. William W. Brown
Ms. Emily Browning and Dr. Peter Graham
Dr. Derek D. Bruce and Dr. Frances M. Bruce
Ms. Donna Bruno
Mr. Alvin Brunswick
Ms. Janet Bryant
Ms. Linda C. Bryant
Ms. Debra C. Buchanan
Ms. William Buchannan
Mr. C. Austin Buck
Ms. Kathleen M. Buckalew and Ms. Marlyn J. Talman
Ms. Audrey L. Buckingham
Ms. Nancy J. Buckner
Ms. Jacqueline M. Buhn and Mr. Alan J. Razak
Mr. Richard Bull and Mrs. Rachel Bull
Ms. Bethany Bullington
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bullitt
Mr. Theodore P. Burchess
Ms. Bonnie J. Burdick
Mr. Frank J. Burger
Mr. Peter G. Burgess and Ms. Janet N. Stevens
Mr. Kevin Burkman
Dr. Deborah S. Burnham
Ms. Janet Burnham
Beth Burrell and David Sorenson
Ms. Danielle Burrows
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Bursk
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Burton
Dr. David F. Bushnell and Ms. Kim Pelkey
Mr. and Mrs. William Buskirk
Mr. John F. Bustard
Ms. Julia Butters
Mr. John Butterworth
Mr. Paul Buttner and Mr. Lawrence J. Scharf
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Byers
Mrs. Karen E. Byrd
Mr. James Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cabana
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Denise Cabrey
Mr. Stewart Cades
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Caggiano
Mr. Ronald A. Cahan
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Caine
Ms. Josephine Calabretta
Mr. Tom Callan
Ms. Denise Calloway
Dr. Carolyn L. Cambor
Vance G. and Ruth K. Camisa
Mr. Vincent Campagna
Mr. Daniel B. Campbell
Mr. David Campbell
Mr. Edward T. Campbell
Ms. Janet Campbell
Mrs. Jeanne Campbell
Lorna Campbell-Seely and Edgar Seely III
Mr. and Mrs. Nino Campobasso
Ms. Jamie A. Cancro
Ms. Kathleen Cannon
Mrs. Mary Catherine Capizzi
Mr. Scott Caprez
Tom and Anne Caramanico
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Carcagno
Mr. Salvatore Cardile
Mr. Vito Cardinale
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Carlbon
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Carle
Ms. Kathryn Carlin
Annie Carlino
Dr. Eric J. Carlson
Mr. Michael R. Carpenter
Dr. William L. Carroll
Ms. Beverly Carter
Ms. Janet Carter
Ms. Mae A. Carter
Mr. Victor S. Carter
Dr. Madeline Cartwright
Ms. Jean Cary
Ms. Carole Casacio
Ms. Cristina Caserta
Mr. Lee A. Casper
Ms. Hildred E. Cassel
Hon. Michael N. Castle and Mrs. Jane Castle
Susan W. and Cummins Catherwood, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Caton
Mr. Mike Caulfield
Ms. Elizabeth S. Caulk
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cautilli
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cavicchio
Ms. Marie T. Cavuto and Mr. Joseph Cavuto
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cella
Mrs. Elizabeth Cella
Ms. Antoinette Cendali
Ms. Jane Century
Mr. Giacomo Cesareo
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Chacker
Dr. Robert C. and Linda H. Chapman
Ed Charlton and Grace Spampinato
Mr. Edwin Chelius
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cheney
Drs. Maryalice Cheney and Scott Goldman
Ms. Elena Cherkes
Elizabeth Chesick
Mr. Norman Chevlin
Mr. Richard Chicko
Mr. Robert Chierici and Ms. Barbara Chierici
Ms. Barbara Jo Childs
Mr. Nikolaos K. Chiros and Mrs. Bonnie Chiros
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Chitwood
Ms. Laverne Cholewa
Uma and Vinay Chowdhry
Ms. Patricia Chriss
Jolley Bruce Christman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Christman
Mrs. Susan Christy
Mr. Stephen A. Chung
Mr. Michael Churchill and Ms. Tasha Stonorov
Mr. Robert S. Cicalese
Dr. Ronnie E. Cimprich and Mr. Jack R. Cimprich
Tavi Cinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cisik
Ms. Lisa A. Civicella
Mr. Thomas Clancy
Dr. Mary E. Clark
Mrs. Valerie Clark and Mr. Paul A. Arters
Ms. Elizabeth Clarke
Mr. Timothy D. Clarke and Mrs. Diane L. ALex
Mr. Benjamin Classen
Ms. Geraldine H. Clemons
Dr. and Mrs. Alastair J. Clemow
Ms. Constance Clery
Ms. Sharon R. Cliff
Mr. Matthew Clifton
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac H. Clothier IV
Mr. Joseph Cloyd
Ms. Joan L. Coale
Mr. Richard Coates
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cochetti
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Cochran
Mr. Jay Coen Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Cognetti
Ms. Beth E. Cohen
Ms. Carolyn J. Cohen
Ms. Darlene Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cola
Ms. N. C. Cole and Mrs. Clara C. Huntzinger
Ms. Arlene L. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. John Collette
Dr. Anita M. Collins
Ms. Diane E. Collins
Mr. Stewart Collins
Mr. Christopher Colson and Mrs. Emily Colson
Ms. June Colton
Mrs. James B. Congdon
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Congemi
Mr. and Mrs. John Conlow
Mr. James A. Connelly
Mr. Alexander B. Conner and Mr. Christopher Carchi
Ms. Joan M. Connolly
Mr. Michael Connor
Mr. Robert Conway
Russel J. Lorraine and Rebecca Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper
Harris and Esther Cooperman
Mr. Bernard Copeland and Mr. John Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Copestick
Ms. Natalie Cornell
Mr. John I. Cornue
Laura Anne Corsell
Mr. Rafael Cortes
Dr. Joseph M. Corvasce and Mrs. Sarah A. Corvasce
Dr. Douglas S. Cosgrove
Mr. and Mrs. John Cotter
Dr. Lance Couturier and Dr. Katherine Couturier
Dr. Frederick A. Coville
C. Richard and Julie Cox
Dr. Michael J. Coyne
Ms. Alice R. Cranston
Ms. Beverly Crawl
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Creato, Sr.
Mr. Frederick L. Cresson and Mr. Ron Strouse
Mr. Reginald A. Cribb and Dr. Michele Pole
Mrs. Beth A. Crippen and Mr. Chris Siebens
Mr. and Mrs. John Crisafulli
Ms. Hilde Crothers
Ms. Doris H. Crowley
Mr. Frank Crowley
Mr. Stanley G. Crowley
Mr. Greg R. Crumley
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cullen
Ms. Mary F. Cullen
Mr. Edwin Cummings
Ms. Sharlyn R. Cupit
Mr. James Curcio
Mr. John J. Curtin
Dr. Marjorie Curtis-Cohen
Ms. Iris C. Cutler
Mr. Arthur Czapka
Mr. and Mrs. D'Alba
Mr. John C. Dale
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dalfo
Mr. and Mrs. James Dallepazze
Sarah and Bill D'Alonzo
Mrs. Angela Damico
Carolyn and Vince D'Amico
Mr. Michael B. Damore
Ms. Patricia Daniels
Rev. Bruce Davidson
Charles and Susan Davidson
Mr. John C. Davidson
Mr. Horace A. Davies
Mr. Allen F. Davis
Ms. Arliss Davis
Ms. Diana A. Davis
Mr. Donald Davis
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Davis
Ms. Marilyn Davis
Mrs. Nancy B. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Davis
Mr. Robert C. Davis
Ms. Julia Day
Mr. Stephan De La Veaux
Mr. Michael De Santo
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart S. Dearden
Ms. Mary B. Defulvio
Mr. John R. Degan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Degutis
Ms. Mary Dehaan
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Della Penna
Ms. Elizabeth A. Dellers
Ruth and Richard Delp
Ms. Stephanie S. Deluca
Ms. Paula DeLucco
Mr. Robert Demento and Ms. Margaret Demento
Ms. Stephanie Dempsey
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Demunecas
Mrs. Eileen Dendall
Mr. and Mrs. N. I. Dennis
Laura and Christopher Densmore
Leanne C. Wagner and John G. Dent
Mr. Joseph A. Depaula
Ms. Peggy Deprophetis
Ms. Elizabeth Derham
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass L. Derry
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Deschere
Dr. Phyllis H. Detwiler
Ms. Andrea R. Devereux
Mr. Brian S. Devitt and Ms. Dale Buddine
Mr. Jeff Devuono
Mr. David T. Dewitt
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Di Nunzio
Mr. Charles W. Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf H. Dieperink
Mr. Richard Diesinger
Mrs. Willem Dikland
Mr. Harry J. Dilabbio
Mrs. Jeanette Dilley
Mr. David E. Dillman
Ms. Barbara J. Diluzio
Ms. Phyllis Dinatale
Ms. Margaret A. Dinneny
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dipiano
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Dise
Ms. Laura Dlugacz and Ms. Carrie Dlugacz
Mark and Christie Doak
Mr. Richard Dockers
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dodd
Ms. Susan K. Dodge
Ms. Phoebe Doering
Mr. Russell Doherty
Ms. Gail Dohrn
Ms. Patricia M. Domenico
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Donahue
Ms. Patricia Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Donaldson
Mr. John E. Donnelly
Mr. Michael Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Donofrio
Mrs. Sandra L. D'Onofrio
Ms. Carolyn M. Donohue
Ms. Jennifer Donovan
Mrs. Elisabeth Doolan
Mrs. Nancy H. Dooley
Ms. Deborah A. Dooling
Ms. Deborah Ehrenthal and Mr. Douglas Doren
Drs. William V. and Bonnie B. Dorwart
Ms. Mary K. Dougherty and Mr. Erik A. Neumann
Mr. John Douglas
Ms. Natalie Douglass
Drs. Jean and George Dowdall
Mrs. Jean Marie Dowling
Mr. George E. Downs and Mrs. Nancy Downs
Mr. Trevor R. Drake and Ms. Anne R. Albright
Ms. Reeve Draper
Dr. Robert M. Dressler and Dr. Susan Szabo
Marcea and Jude Driscoll
Ms. Patricia W. Driscoll
Phoebe Driscoll
Ms. Janice Drucker
Ms. Helen W. Drutt English and Mr. H. Peter Stern
Ms. Ellen Du
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dubell
Ms. Erin Duffey and Mr. Edward M. Broderick
Dr. Patricia Duick
Mr. Ronald C. Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. David Duncan
Mr. Lee N. Duncan
Ms. Ruth E. Duncan
Ms. Marion E. Dunlap
Mr. Michael A. Dunn
Mrs. Polly (Mary) H. Dunn
Ms. Martha V. Dupont
Mr. Jeff Durachta
Brooks Durbin
Ms. Julia R. Dutton
Ben and Mary Jane Dutton
Ms. Maureen Q. Dwyer
Mr. Gene Dykes
Mr. Russell R. Dynes
Mr. George M. Dytko
Ms. Anne O. Dzamba
Nancy and Dick Eales
Ms. Sherry F. Eason
Mr. Thomas D. East
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eaton
Ms. Mariana L. Eckadrt
Ms. Donna Eckert
Dr. Gail A. Edelsohn
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Edwards
Miss Katherine M. Ehlert
Ms. Vicki L. Eicher
Ms. Maryellen Eide
Ms. Nancy Elfant
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Elkins
Mr. Steve Ellers
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ellis
Ms. Linda Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ellis
Ms. Susan J. Ellis
Mr. Thomas S. Ells and Mrs. Margaret Ells
Mr. James S. Emrich
Mr. Jeff Engelman and Mrs. Kirstin G. Engelman
Dr. Julie B. Engiles
Mr. Joe England
Ms. Isabella M. Englebach
Mr. Michael English and Ms. Michelle English
Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Engstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Eileen G. Erinoff
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Ernst
Mr. Andrea Espinoza
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Esposito
Ms. Carolyn Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Etris
Mr. Nicholas Evageliou
Mr. Robert I. Evans and Mrs. Carole S. Evans
Mr. Jonathan W. Evans and Ms. Melissa Graf-Evans
Ms. Margaret Evans
Dr. Andrea Everard
Dr. Lesley L. Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ewing
Mr. Patrick Hosey and Ms. Kathleen Fahey-Hosey
Ms. Marie Fairchild
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fairman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Falletta
Henry S. Farber and Miquelon L. Weyeneth
Mr. Thomas L. Fare
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Farenback-Brateman
Mr. and Mrs. Olaf T. Farestad
Drs. Cynthia A. Farrell and Marvin Schatz
Mr. Jeff Farrell
Mr. Randolf T. Faulkner and Mrs. Ruth E. Faulkner
Mr. Donald L. Faust
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fay
Ms. Teresa Feeser
Mr. David Feick
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Feinour, Jr.
Mr. James Feldick
Ms. Angi Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Julio Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dickson Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Ferguson
Ms. Judy K. Fern
Ms. Noemi Fernandez
Rachel E. Ferreira
Gary and Carol Overman
Mr. Gene Ferrizzi
Mr. Scott Fertels
Mr. and Mrs. J. Keath Fetter
Richard and Pat Field
Mr. William G. Filmyer
Dr. Delores Finger-Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Fischer
Miss Jane Fischetti
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fisher
Miss Sharon A. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis N. Fittipaldi
Ms. Harriett S. Fitts and Ms. Michell Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Fitzhugh
Mr Stephen Kobrin and Ms. Carol Fixman
Mr. Charles Fleischmann and Mrs. Blair Fleischmann
Ms. Alison J. Flemer
Mr. Robert C. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fleming
Mr. Kelly B. Flemings
Mr. Richard L. Fluri and Ms. Dyann Paoline
Mrs. Amber Flynn and Mr. David Flynn
Dr. Cynthia E. Flynn and Ms. Deirdre Boyle
Ms. Leslie Fodor
Mrs. Barbara J. Fogal
Mr. Jeffrey Fogg
Ms. Mary Foote
Ms. Helen H. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ford, Jr.
Mr. Thomas P. Ford
F. Lee and Lisa Forrester
Ms. Meryle Fortunato
Mr. Bennett M. and Mrs. Fredericka Shapiro
Ms. Joyce R. Foster
Mrs. Rachel M. Fournier
Mr. Joseph R. Foust and Ms. Lilia Foust
Mrs. Courtney S. Fox
Ms. Elizabeth W. Fox
Ms. Jacqueline French and Mr. Henry Fraimow
Ms. Mary E. Franceus
Dr. Donna R. Franchetti
Mr. John S. Francis and Dr. Paula M. Fracasso
Miss Lindsay B. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Franks
Ms. Ingeborg Frecon
Ms. Deborah L. Freerksen
Ms. Elizabeth Frega
Ms. Judith Freyer
Mr. Charles Frick and Mrs. Linda Frick
Ms. Sandra Frick
Ms. Karen Fridkis
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Friedland
Mr. Stuart Friedman and Ms. Ellen Friedman
Dr. Frank L. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Friedman
Carolyn and John Friedman
Theodore Friend
Ms. Emily Frignito
Ms. Lynne M. Friscia
Elizabeth Wood Fritsch
Mr. and Mrs. N.W. Fritsche
Ms. Sue Fuhrmann and Mr. Ron Hamlen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Fuller
Mr. James T. Gaffney
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gahagan
Ms. Austra Gaige
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Gaisser
Ms. Natasha Gajewski
Mr. and Mrs. Emile H. Galib
Mr. Jack Gallagher and Mrs. Beverly G. Gallagher
Mr. Robert Gallagher
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Ganti
Ms. Flo Gardner
Mr. Stephen Gardner and Dr. Yuli Kim
Mr. William Garrow
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Garton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gasloli
Ms. Julie A. Fox and Mr. Steve Gates
Ms. Jacqueline Gaudenzi
Mr. Greg Gaul and Ms. Jean M. Gaul
Mr. Edward Gavin
Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Gaynor
Mr. Tom Gehrt and Dr. Victoria C. Gehrt
Mr. Dan Geller
Mr. Philip Geoghegan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. George
Mr. George Gepp and Mrs. Sally Gepp
Ms. Jane Gerb
Mr. John Gerhart and Ms. Sharon Gerhart
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Gerred
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Gerrity
Mr. Daniel Gerstenhaber
Ms. Nancy G. Geryk
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Gessl
Ms. Bonnie A. Geyerv Ms. Kari Ghezarian
Mr. Amedeo Giambuzzi
Mr. Jamie Gianna
Ms. Pauline J. Gibbs
Mr. Lawrence F Gilberti
Ms. Luann Gill
Ms. Joanne Gillis-Donovan and Mr. Joseph W. Donovan
Mrs. Edward H. P. Gilman
Ms. Katharine L. Gringrich
Mr. Stanley D. Ginsburg
Ms. Katherine S. Giordano and Dr. Heath D. Schmidt
Mr. David D. Gladfelter & Mrs. Valerie G. Gladfelter
Ms. Sue E. Glandorf
Mrs. Margaret Glaser
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Glassman
Mr. Richard Glazer and Mrs. Wendy Glazer
Ms. Marie R. Gleason
Mr. Mark Glendening
Mr. Floyd A. Glenn III and Ms. Cynthia M. Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Glenn
Ms. Diane B. Glossman
Linda G. Gochfeld, MD
Mrs. Collen A. Goggins
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert I. Goldberg
Mr. James E. Goldberger
Ms. Mary E. Goldenberg
Ms. Michele A. Goldfarb
Mrs. Florence Goldfine
Mr. Perry F. Goldlust and Mrs. Sheila E. Goldlust
Ms. Carol Goldman
Ms. Peggy Goldman-Fink
Mr. Bruce J. Goldstein and Dr. Jacqueline Gutmann
Goldstein Family Charitable Trust
Joan and William Goldstein
Drs. Scott and Suzy Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Goldstein
Mrs. Mira Golebiowska
Dr. Anita C. Lee and Dr. Ross A. Gombiner
Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez
Dr. David M. Goodman
Mrs. Edward J. Goodman
Mr. Frank Goodman and Mrs. Joan F. Goodman
Mr. Jim Kaff and Ms. Andrea Goodrich
Mr. and Mrs. David Goodwin
Mr. Herbert Gorenstein and Mrs. Barbara Gorenstein
Mr. Michael R. Gorman
Mr. Gregory Gosfield and Mrs. Wendy Gosfield
Charles and Karen Goss
Rev. Charlotte Gosselink and Mr. Charles G. Gosselink
Dr. Daniel Gottlieb
Mr. Ronald L. Gougher
Ms. Susan S. Gould
Mr. Ernest C. Grabill
Mrs. Valentina Grabocka
Dr. Christine Grad
Miss Gail A. Graham
Mr. Thomas A. Grahame and Ms. Lynn Grahame
Ms. Stacy R. Graiko
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Grant
Mr. D. Jeffry Benoliel and Ms. Amy Branch
Ms. Ann E. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. George Gray
Ms. Rosemarie B. Greco and Ms. Anne M. Morrissey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Greeley
Dr. G. F. Green
Mr. Kevin F. Green
Ms. Margaret E. Green and Dr. P. Sundararaman
Ms. Marian K. Green
Ms. Zainah Greene
Martyn and Grete Greenacre
Ms. Sandra T. Greenfield
Virginia and Gary Greenhawk
Dr. Phyllis Greenwald
Ms. Susan M. Greipp and Ms. Mary Greipp
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Grenald
Dr. Patricia Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grippo
Ms. Sandylee Griswold
Mignon and Jim Groch
Mrs. Margaret K. Groening
Harry and Lyn Groome
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Gross
Mr. John Gross and Ms. Louise W. Gross
Mrs. Julie Grossman
Ms. Anna Grubb
Tara and Ed Grunde-McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. David Guendelsberger
Mr. Tito Guerrero
Ms. Winfield Guilmette and Mrs. Karen Guilmette
Mr. Glenn A. Gundersen and Ms. Susan P. Manix
Ms. Janet Gunnis
Ms. Jean Gupta
Mr. Raj L. Gupta
Dr. Ajay Gupte
Ms. Jaime Pludo Gusdorff
Mr. Steven M. Guthrie
Ms. Susan J. Guthrie and Mr. Todd Sinai
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Haag
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Hagey
Mr. William F. Haggett
Mr. Edward R Hagopian
Bill and Katie Haines
Dr. Gretchen R. Hall
Ms. Teri Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Hallett
Mr. and Mrs. Jason & Rebecca Halpern/Condict
Mr. W. W. Hamburg
Ms. Carolyn Hamilton
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Hamilton
Mrs. Maggie Hancock
Mr. and Mrs. John Hannum
Dr. Valerie Arkoosh and Mr. Jeffrey T. Harbison
Mr. David M. Harcar
Ms. Dina L. Hardy
Dr. Richard R. Hardy
Mr. Paul J. Harmelin
Mr. Ronald L. Harmon
Mrs. Susan M. Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Harper
Ms. Diane J. Harr and Mr. John Lyons
Mrs. Joy Ross Harrington
Bill and Judy Harrington
Mrs. Barbara C. Harris
Mr. Bernard Harris and Ms. Tameka Harris
Ms. Peggy Harris
Ms. Susan Harris
Ms. Theresa Harris-Johnson
Mr. Bradley Harrison
Mrs. Diana L. Harrison
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Harrop
Mr. David Hart
Ms. Kathryn Hart
Mr. Robert Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hartford
Mrs. Joseph Hartley
Mrs. Kathryn Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Hartzell
Ms. Shideh Hashemi
Ms. Julia M. Hasser
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Hatton, Jr.
Mr. Jon Hauserman
Ann Hausmann and Jonathan Alderson
Mr. Peter Hausmann and Mrs. Alice E. Hausmann
Ms. Barbara J. Hauswald
Bob Haver
Mr. Robert Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Hay
Ms. Jeanne Hayden and Mr. Andrew Szajlai
Mike & Sophie Hayes
Mr. Godfried Hayn
Greenman Carpentry
Ms. Grey Heck
Ms. Mary Beth Hecker
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Heckman
Ms. Emily W. Heebner
Mrs. Colleen Heenan
Mr. John M. Heffernan and Dr. Alison M. Mitch
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Heimann
Dr. George Heimbach
Ms. Jacqueline B. Hemphill
Ms. Ashley S. Henderson
Ms. Chris Henderson
Ms. Denise M. Henderson
Ms. Patricia L. Henderson
Ms. Alexandra J. Hendrickson
Mrs. Kerry Henkels
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Henkels
Mrs. Andrea Henneman
Miss Susan Henry
Ms. Loretta Herber
Mr. Allan Herbert
Susan and Jan Herlihy
Dr. Algund Hermann and Dr. Julio Kuperman
Ms. Rhoda K. Herrold
Mr. Uri Hershberg
Mrs. Alice C. Hershberger
Mr. Bruce Herzog
Ms. Cornelia Hester-Williams
Mr. Michael Hicken
Mr. Matthew R. Hickey
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hicks
Ms. Elizabeth Higginbotham
Ms. Laurie F. Higgins and Mr. Scott M. Johnson
Mr. Andrew Hildreth
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hill
Mr. Joel K. Hinebaugh
Dr. and Mrs. Colin G. Hingley
Mr. Kevan F. Hirsch
Ms. Dana Hirschenbaum
Dr. Robert Alan Hirsh and Dr. Leslie Stone-Hirsh
Ms. Anne E. Hoban
Mr. Alan M. Hoberman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoe
Frank and Ditta Hoeber
Jan and Marja Hoek
Ms. Carol Hoffecker
Mrs. Gail Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Hayward J. Holbert
Ms. Elizabeth A. Holland
Ms. Caroline Holler
Ms. Juanita Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Holman
Mr. Wilfried G. Holtje
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Honan
Ms. Melanie A. Hoopes
Ms. Martha N. Hopkins
Ms. Corina M. Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Horn
Mr. John R. Hornyak
Margot and Ellis Horwitz
Mr. Stuart Hosansky and Mrs. Caren Hosansky
Mr. Peter Hosler
Mr. Maarouf Hoteit
Ms. Nancy Hough
Ms. Michele Houlday
Mr. Alfred B. House
Dr. and Mrs. Nils Hovik
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Howe
Ms. Dolores Howell
Mr. Barry N. Hower and Ms. Joelle Hower
Dr. Derq Howlett
Mr. and Mrs. David Hoyt
Mrs. Danuta Hrebien
Mr. Thomas Huang and Ms. Margaret F. Huang
Mr. Bradley L. Hubbell
Joseph and Louise Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Huchet
Ms. Mary L. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Huebner
Mr. Lee Huff
Melvin E. Huffman
Ms. Claudia N. Hughes
Ms. Kimberly S. Hugo
Mr. David Huie
Dr. Matthew Hulbert and Mrs. Linda Hulbert
Ms. Jane K. Hulting
Mrs. Anne Humes
Ms. Lynda Hubbell and Mr. Paul Hummer
Mr. Robert E. Hunt and Mrs. Roberta M. Hunt
Mrs. Bettie Hunt-Aycox
Ms. Kathy Hunter
Mr. Stuart J. Hunter
Mr. Robert Hurly
Mary and Howard Hurtig
Dr. Mohammed Jawaad Hussain
Dr. Evan E. Husted
Ms. Kathleen K. Hutchins
Mrs. Anne Hutt
Mr. Neil Hutton
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Hydro, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall N. Hyer
Mr. David L. Hyman
Mr. Rob A. Hyman, Sr.
Ms. Rosalie Hypolite
Mrs. Arleen Iavicoli
Mrs. Nan L. Ides
Mr. Thomas W. Ilvento
Mr. Albert Imesch and Mrs. Henriette Imesch
Mr. Richard Infantino
Ms. Diana Intenzo
Mrs. Patricia B. Ireton
Ms. Annabelle P. Irey
Ellen Irwin
Dr. Peter L. Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Irwin
Ms. Marsha Isard
Anne and John Iskrant
Ms. Hazel T. Isley
Richard Izard and Helen Angelina
Mr. David A. Jackson
Mr. Jim Jackson
Ms. Melody A. Jackson
Ms. Nancy I. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Jackson
Dr. Robert H. Jackson
Ralph and Joanna Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Jacoby
Dr. William L. Jaffee and Dr. Barbara F. Jaffee
Mr. Ronald Jaffey
Ms. Tsitsi Jaji
Mr. Daniel Jalboot
Ms. Cathy L. James
Mrs. Nannie M. James
Ms. Kathy L. Jamison
Ms. Paula S. Janssen
Mr. Stephen Jasiecki
Mr. Kenneth D. Jefferis
Mr. Louis E. Jeffries
Mr. Kirk E. Jennings and Ms. Barbara L. Jennings
Mr. David E. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jennings
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jenny
Ms. Debra Jensen
Jan Jessup
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Jessup
Mrs. Marcia B. Jilk
Mrs. Mary B. Jimick
Mr. and Mrs. Henry John-Alder
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil W. Johnson III
David and Bonnie Johnson
Ms. Gail F. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Johnson
Ms. Gillian Johnson and Mr. Marc Simmons
Ms. Mary-Martha Johnson
Craig and Meg Johnson
Mrs. Therese Johnson
Jen and Char Johnson-Rockhill
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Johnston
Mr. Jack Johnston
Elise F. Jones
Mr. George Bryan Jones, Jr. and Ms. Cynthia L. Chester
Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Jones
Naomi Jones
Dr. and Mr. Ulrich Jorns
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Josem
Mr. William Joseph
Mr. Michael Joyce
Mrs. Frances F. Jueds
Mr. and Mrs. Carl June
Mr. Fikri Kadrioski
Mr. Richard L. Kagan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kahn
Mrs. Donna E. Kaiser
Mr. Sokol Kalamishi
Ms. Cathy E. Kalbach
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Kalogris
Ms. Winnie Lanoix and Mr. David Kannerstein
Ms. Anna Karim
Mr. Ranbir Kashap and Ms. Linda Rhizor
Mr. Kenneth Kassker-Taub
Ms. Evette Katlin
Mr. Jordan Katz
Mr. Stanley N. Katz
Dr. Robert L. Kaufman and Dr. Lauren J. Krivo
Mr. and Mrs. L. William Kay II
Mr. W Daniel Kayser
Mr. Michael Keba
Ms. Ruth Keblish
Mrs. Catharine K. Keim
Mr. and Mrs. H. Mark Keintz
Mr. Bill Kelly
Mr. Craig Kelly
Ms. Janet R. Kelly and Mr. Thomas B Kane
Dr. Lynn E. Kelly
Ms. Sheila A. Kelly
Ms. Denise Kelman
Mr. Jay F. Kelso
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Kempner
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kennedy
Mr. Matthew J. Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Kenning
John P. Kent, Ph.D. and Mrs. Joann Kent
Mr. Lawrence J. Kent
Ms. Veronica Kerkel
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Kerlin
Mr. John Kerr
Mr. Ehud Israel and Mrs. Vivian K. Israel
Mr. Frank L. Ketterman and Ms. Marina Ketterman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Keyser
Ms. Uma Kher
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kieser
Mr. Cornelius Kilgarriff
Ms. Denise Kilgore
Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Kilkenny
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Killingsworth
Mr. James Kim and Ms. Agnes J. Kim
Mr. and Mrs. David Kim
Young S. Kim
Ms. Lisa Kimbro
Gay and Donald Kimelman
Mr. Stephen E. Kimmel and Dr. Alison D. Keel
Ms. Carole S. King
Mr. Jay King
Mrs. Jeanie M. King
Mr. Darwin P. Kingsley III
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Kinnel
Ms. Adrienne M. Kinney and Mr. Raymond Hoffeld
Ms. Cathlene Kinney
Dr. Katherine Kinsey and Dr. Marshall D. Kinsey
Ms. Mary C. Kinsey
Mr. Paul Kirch
Mr. Frank Kirk
Mr. Micheal P. Kirkhoff
Ms. L Kirkpatrick
Ms. Chere Kjrsten-Kifer
Mr. James L. Klasen
Edith Klausner
Mr. and Mrs. Elaine L. Klein
Mr. Herbert Klein and Miss Hailey A. Klein
Justin and Mary Klein
Ms. Melissa Klein and Ms. Neysa Nevins
Vicky Kleinman
Mr. Emanuel Klenner
Mr. David Kligerman
Mr. James Klinghoffer
Dr. Gerard R. Klinzing
Mr. Co Klotz
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Klugman
Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Knight
Mr. Kenneth Knowles
Ms. Meg B. Knysh
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kob
Mr. Fred Koch
Mr. Paul Koch and Mrs. Nora Koch
Mr. Thomas J. Koellhoffer
Ms. Christine Koenig
Mr. John Kohke
Ms. Helen R. Kohler
James and Ann Kolodzey
Mr. Edward A. Komczyk
Ms. Elizabeth B. Koontz
Ms. Kim J. Overby and Mr. Gary Koretzky
Ms. Evelyn M. Korman
Mr. Frederick Kosel, Jr.
Mr. Dusan Kostic and Ms. Mila Kostic
Mr. Nicholas M. Kouletsis
Karen Kozarsky
Ms. Kimberly Krack
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Kramme
Steven and Cheryl Krementz
Mrs. Vanessa F. Krempa and Mr. Jeffrey L. Burt
Ms. Cheryl Kresen
Mr. Dave Krueger
Dr. Raymond A. Krukovsky
Ms. Harriet F. Krumbiegel
Dr. Mark A. Kudes
Ms. Charlotte Kuh and Mr. Roy Radner
Mrs. Nancy B. Kuhlman
Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Kulp
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kulp
Mrs. Joan S. Kumar
Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Kundel
Mr. Hank Kung
Perri Strawn and Bill Kunze
Mr. and Mrs. David Kuo
Dr. Michelle S. Kuo
Mr. Mark Kuperberg and Ms. Susan L. Wright
Peshe and Peter Kuriloff
Ms. Ellen Kurtz and Mr. Stephen H. Smith
Ms. Katherine Kurtz
Dr. Luc G. Kuykens and Ms. Leslie Roessler
Mr. Eric Lacktman
Ms. Catherine Lafarge
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Lahnston
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Lakoff
Ms. Karen Lalli
Ms. Dolores Lamana
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lambert
Ms. Lynn Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lambert
Gibbs and Jane LaMotte
Ms. Abbie Lampe
Ms. Mary A. Landa
Sharon Landa
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Landsburg
Ms. Dorothy Lane
Mr. Edward M. Lane and Ms. Susan B. Clarke-Lane
Dr. Meghan B. Lane-Fall
Ms. Mary L. Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lang
Dr. Corey J. Langer and Dr. Mindy S. Langer
Ms. Geri A. Laplaca
Mr. Warren A. Lappin
Mrs. Sylvie Laquerre
Ms. Margarete Larese-Ortiz
Ms. Ethel Lario
Mr. Arthur M. Larrabee and Ms. Nancy van Arkel
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Lasko
Ms. Suzanne K. Laskowski
Ms. Robin Latimer
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Lau
Ms. Sherron V. Laurrell
Mr. Thomas H. Lavelle
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Lawrence
Ms. Virginia A. Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lawver
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Layman
Ms. Janet F. Lazrow
Ms. Christine Le
Mr. Patryck E. Leader
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Lee
Gabriele W. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Lee
Ms. Virginia Lee
Ms. Joyce Leftly
Ms. Elsa Y. Legesse
Mr. Fred Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. John Leighbody
Ms. Elisabeth Leonard
William Lake Leonard
Dr. Jennifer Leong
Mr. Greg Leoni
Bea & Norman Leopold
Ms. Ann M. Lesch
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lesser
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lessner
Mr. John Letai
Mr. Brad Levie and Mrs. Nancy B. Levie
Ms. Joan Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levin
Ms. Deana Lewis
Mr. J. Rudy Lewis
Mr. Jeffrey P. Lewis
Ms. Marilyn Lewis
Ms. Michelle Liao
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lichtenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lichtenstein
Craig Lichtman, M.D., MBA
Ms. Leslie E. Lieberman
Mr. Jonathan R. Liggett
Mrs. Nancy Light
Mr. Peter R. Lighte
Mr. and Mrs. John Lignelli
Ms. Trish M. Lilley
Ms. Charisse Lillie and Mr. Thomas McGill, Jr.
Mr. Richard Lindemann
Chip and Molly Linehan
Mr. Alan Linker
Ms. Jean Ann Linney
Walter H. Lippincott
Mr. Howard Lipschutz
Ms. Amy F. Lipton
Mr. Jim Lisi
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Littauer
Ms. Lindsay Lloyd
Ms. Martha Loerke
Mr. David A. Long and Mrs. Patricia A. Long
David and Kim Long
Mr. William B. Long and Dr. Sarah S. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Nick C. Longman
Mr. Paul M. Lott and Mrs. Amanda Lott
Mr. Thom Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Loza
Yang Lu
Mr. and Mrs. Chandler B. Luke
Mr. Curt Lundgren and Ms. Diane D. Lundgren
Mr. James R. Lung
Mr. Joseph Lurie and Ms. Kathy Gosliner
Mr. George Luskus
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Luthi
Ms. Jennifer Lyke
Mr. Dennis Lynch and Mrs. Maryrose Lynch
Ms. Maureen E. Lynch
Mr. Ronald Lynn
Mr. Delon Maas and Ms. Lynne Maas
Mr. Peter MacAlpine
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Macaulay
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick J. Macchione
Mrs. Alice Macdonald
Mr. John MacDonald
Stanley and Melanie MacDonald
Mr. Thomas MacDonald
Dr. Larami Mackenzie and Dr. Amy R. Mackenzie
Mr. Kenneth Mackler
Tina and Harvey Maclary
Ms. Ellen Macleanv
Ms. Lynn MacMillian
Mr. Edward W. Madeira, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Maguire
Ms. Arpana Mahalingashetty
Thomas J. Maher and Belle Patterson Maher
Mr. Rachid Mahgoul and Mrs. Valerie Mahgoul
Mr. Ken Maier
Dr. and Mrs. Mario L. Maiese
Ms. Joyce Maioriello
Mr. Michael Maksymow
Mr. and Mrs. Marco J. Malandra
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Malanowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Malcolm
Mr. Frank Maletta
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Malkames
Ms. Lydia Mallett
Mr. Joe Maloney
Mrs. Theresa Mancuso
Mr. and Mrs. David Mandelbaum
Mrs. Helen L. Mankowski
Ms. Sheila Mankuta and Ms. Muriel Gordon
Margaret P. Manlove
Louis and Marjorie Mann
Ms. Catherine S. Manno
Ms. Patricia Marcovecchio
Mr. David J. Margolis and Ms. Fay D. Wright
Mr. Mark J. Mariani
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Marino
Mrs. Patricia H. Marino
Ms. Elaine T. Markezin
Ms. Joan A. Markoe
Mrs. Susan Maron
Jane Maroney
Ms. Jill A. Marple-McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Marquez
Mr. Francis Marr and Mrs. Joann Marr
Mr. John A. Marrazzo
Ms. Barbara Marrs
Ms. Jill Marsceller
Ms. Nancy R. Marsh
Ms. Linda D. Marshall
Mr. Thomas C. Marshall, Jr.
Mr. Aaron J. Martin
Mr. Warren Martin and Mrs. Eileen Martin
Ms. Celeste Martinez
Mr. Mark M. Marvi
Peter F. and Nancy Brockway Marvin
Mrs. Marylou Costantino
Ms. Diana Mascaro
Mr. David Maslen
Mrs. Karen L. Mason
Ms. Deborah Mass
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Masters
Ms. Brenda J. Matsumoto
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Mattei
Mr. John Matter
Mrs. Verna D. Matthews
Mr. Raymond D. Matticola
Ms. Julia Mattocks
Marita Maxwell
Dr. Lynne G. Maxwell
Ms. Sarah Maxwell
Mr. David T. May
Mr. Jeffery May
Mrs. Eileen Mayer
Gene and Carol Mayhew
Dr. Anna M. Mazoch
Ms. Patricia McCabe
Ms. Sandra McCandless
Ms. Christine McCann
Mr. Anthony McCarley
Ms. Kathleen B. McCarthy
Ms. Nancy J. McCarthy
Ms. Nancy McCarthy
Mr. Sean McCloskey
Mrs. Judith McCartin Scheide
Mr. Donald R. McClintock
Mr. Donald McClure
Mr. James C. McConnon
Mona McCormick
Ms. Laura McCracken
Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCullough
Mr. John S. McDaniel III and Mrs. Regina A. Iorii
Mrs. Phoebe K. McElhenny
Dr. McEwen-Fial
Mrs. Kristen McFadden
Mr. Ray E. McFadden
Mr. Tim McGarrity and Mrs. Peggy McGarrity
Mrs. Anne K. McGee
Ms. Victoria McGeer
Ms. Geraldine McGinley
Ms. Maureen McGinty
Ms. Theresa McGlinchey
Mr. and Mrs. E. Kevin McGlynn
Mr. Glenn McGough
Mr. Jeffrey McGrath and Ms. Susan E. McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGrath
Mrs. Kim E. McGuire
Ms. Sheila R. McGuire
Anne McHugh and Christine McHugh
Mr. and Mrs. Loia D. McInally
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McIver
Ms. Margaret McKay
Mr. Daun McKee and Mrs. Mary Jo McKee
Marc and Laura McKenna
Mr. Bruce McKittrick and Ms. Wendy Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McKnight
Mr. William McLaughlin
Ms. Hoa McLean
Ms. Kathryn Z. McMaster
Ms. Nancy McMonigle
Mrs. Elizabeth McMullen
Bill and Katie McNabb
Miss S. McNair
Ms. Claudia B. McNamara
Dr. John McNichol and Ms. Lisa McNichol
Ms. Jane McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McVay
Mr. Frank J. Mechura and Mrs. Susan Mechura
Ms. Veronica Medina
Ms. Helen Medley
Mr. John J. Medveckis
Mr. Ronald F. Meglino
Ms. Andrea Mehrotra
Mr. Ketan Mehta
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gregg Meister
Ms. Elizabeth Melroy and Ms. Mary Kinkead
Mr. Richard M. Melsheimer
Mr. Dale W. Melton
Dr. Eileen L. Mera
Mrs. Annette C. Merle-Smith
Ms. Patricia A. Merman
Mr. Michael Mersic
Mr. David Mertz
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Meserve, Jr.
Ms. Norma L. Messick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Messner
Mr. Charles W. Meyer
Wendy and Jim Meyer
Mr. Bernard Meyers
Ms. Anita Michel
Mr. Timothy I. Michel and Mrs. Karen A. Michel
Mr. Dean R. Michelson
Ms. Susan Middleton
Ms. Christie Milano
Mr. Jamie Milden
Mr. Andrew J. Milewski
Mrs. Ilene Miley
Ms. Barbara Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Miller
Ms. Diane Miller
Dr. Eva R. Miller
Mr. George Miller
Mr. Isaac J. Miller and Ms. Rose S. Miller
Mr. Jeffrey M. Miller, Sr.
Ms. Karen L. Miller
Mr. Keith L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Miller, Jr.
Ms. Mildred H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Miller
Mr. Stephen L. Miller
Ms. Thelma Miller
Mr. Wayne Miller
Mr. William H. Miller and Ms. Catherine Miller
Ms. Barbara Mininger
Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Minkoff
Ms. Barbara A. Miskiv
Ms. Judith A. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Mitchell
Mrs. Linda Mittman-Fishman
Mr. Sylvester Mobley
Mr. William B. Moffett
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Moffitt
Ms. Gretchen Mohen
Mr. Brian Monahan
Mrs. Nancy Mondero
Ms. Barbara A. Monegan
Ms. Caryle C. Monell
Mr. and Mrs. H. Laddie Montague
Mr. Richard Montemuro
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Moody
Ms. Charlotte X. Moore
Ms. Eileen R. Moore
Mr. James O. Moore and Mrs. Joan R. Moore
Ms. Martha L. Moore
Mrs. Susan W. Moore and Mr. John E. Moore
Ms. Sara Moore-Hines
Mr. Rodman Moorhead
Mr. John P. Moran
Dr. Tom Morea
Ms. Arlene Morgan
Ms. Monica J. Morgan
Mr. Richard Morgante
Ms. Jackie Morrill and Mr. Michael Donahue
Ms. Fran Morris
Mr. Hal Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Morroney
Ms. Barbara J. Moskowitz
Mr. Jonathan Mossman
Ms. Amanda M. Mott
Mr. Lawrence Moyer and Ms. Jane Moyer
Ms. Nancy C. Moyer
Ms. Mary Duffy
Mr. Andrew Muc
Mr. Vernon Muhlbaier
Mr. Mark Muldowney
Ms. Margaret Joyce J. Mullen
Dr. Jason D. Munitz
Ms. Kumiko Murashima
Mrs. Elizabeth Murdoch
Mr. James Murdock and Ms. Catherine G. Murdock
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Murphy
Mr. Michael L. Murphy and Mrs. Karen Murphy
Ms. Terry Murphy
Mr. William Murphy
Ms. Elise W. Murray
Mr. Jack W. Murray
Dr. Richard K. Murray and Dr. Patricia M. Bailey
Dr. Vincent Muscarella
Mr. Robert Muser
Mr. James Muth
Mr. Shankar N. Muthuswami
Dr. Douglas W. Muzyka
Mr. Joe Myers
Mr. John Myers
Mr. John Meyers and Mrs. Karen Myers
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Naab, Jr.
Mrs. Dawn Nachbaur
Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Nachman
Ms. Megan Nachod and Ms. Leigh H. Nachod
Robin and Drew Nagele
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Nagy
Ms. Donna M. Nahass
Peter and Eleanor Nalle
Mr. H. G. Nanos and Dr. Laura E. Beider
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Narcowich
Ms. Ruth Nash
Dr. Jennifer Nasser
S.L. and R.S. Natalini
Ms. Mary Anne Naylon
Mr. Manny J. Neff
Rosalind Neff
Ms. Mary Lou Neilson
Ms. Sara Nerken
Mr. Paul Nestler
Mr. William D. Neuman
Mitch and Donna Newcomer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Newcomer
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nicholson
Ms. Beverly Niestroy
Ms. Dorothy S. Nix
Mr. and Mrs. David Noble
Mr. George H. Nofer
Ms. Roslyn Nolan
Ms. Marietta Norbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Norman
Ms. Amy Norr and Mr. Jeff Metz
Mr. Curtis L. Norris
Ms. Doreen Norris
Ms. Elizabeth A. Norris
Ms. Glenavie Norton
Mrs. Norma Notzold
Mrs. Jean O'Brien
Ms. Sharon K. O'Brien
Mr. Glenn Odom
Mr. Lawrence O'Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Oeth
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Oetinger
Ms. Nancy J. Offner
Patrick M. O'Hara, in loving memory of Janis R. O'Hara
Mr. Austin Okie
Ms. Katharine Okie
Mrs. Julia M. Olafson
Olde Hope Antiques, Inc.
Mrs. Gertrude S. O'Leary
Mrs. Roseann Oleyn
Ms. Brenda J. Oliphant
Mrs. Nancy Olson
Dr. Elizabeth Omand
Mr. Todd Omohundro
Ms. Maureen O'Neill
Mr. William S. Oscerman
Ms. Elissa G. Topol and Dr. A. Lee Osterman
Mr. Jeffery Osterwise
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ostrow
Mr. Richard J. Otero
Mr. Robert Ousterhout
Ms. Mary K. Gordon and Mr. Donald A. Overton
Ms. Irene J. Overton
Dr. Alyson N. Owen and Dr. Craig M. Oliner
Ms. Lavaida Owens-White
Ms. Elaine Gelb and Mr. Marc Pachtman
Mr. Fabrice Paget
Mrs. Carla Painter
Mr. Burt Palmer and Mrs. Kay Palmer
Mr. Timothy Panger and Ms. Monika Panger
Ms. Maria J. Pantalone-Gorgo
Ms. Outi A. Papamarcos and Mr. Andrew Papamarcos
Mr. Kenneth Pape
Mr. Joe Papi
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Parilis
Mr. Raymond S. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Parker
Mr. David R. Loevner and Ms. Catherine Parks Loevner
Ms. Sue Parks
Ms. Vernita Parris
Mrs. Denise W. Parson
Dipak and Mina Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Hitesh Patel
Mr. Jignesh Patel
Mrs. Melanie M. Patrick
Mr. Raymond K. Patterson
Mrs. Debra A. Patton
Ms. Anu Paul and Mr. Murali Balaraman
Ms. Patricia Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Pauli
Mr. Jim Paulus and Mrs. Mariellen Paulus
Mr. John Pavelko
Mr. Bernard A. Paxton-Lawrence and Mrs. Kathryn Gregory
Mr. Clyde Payn
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Paynter
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Peachey
Mr. Matthew A. Pearson and Ms. Kara Pearson
Mr. Kerry Pechter
Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Peck
Ms. Darlene D. Pedersen
Ms. Kim Pelle and Ms. Colleen Pelle
Mrs. Eden Pena
Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Pendleton
Ms. Beverly L. Penn
Mr. Richard K. Penn and Mrs. Victoria Penn
Ms. Eshowe Pennink
Miss I. E. Peoples
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pepper
Mr. Robert J. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Perlmutter
Ms. Kathleen Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Peterson
Ms. Kathleen M Petrelli
Ms. Sara L. Petrosky
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Petusky
Mrs. Rebecca S. Pfaefflin
Anne M Pfaelzer de Ortiz
Dr. and Mrs. William Pfeffer
Mrs. Claude Phares
Mr. and Mrs. John Phelan
Mr. Nicholas B. Phelps
Bob and Dorothy Philipson
Mr. Brian Phillips and Mrs. Christina M. Phillips
Mr. Isaiah W. Phillips
Mr. Stephen Phillips
Ms. Diane Pien
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Pieringer
Ms. Kathleen Pietras
Mr. Giuliano Pignataro
Ms. Karen Pinsky and Dr. Sam Romirowsky
Ms. Phyllis B. Pitcairn
Mr. Anthony Pizzo
Ms. Geraldine Platt
Ms. Penny Pleasance and Mr. Robert E. Ewers, Jr.
Mr. Stanislaus Plepis
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Pochan
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pogrebivsky
Ms. Susan Pohanka
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Polasky
Mrs. Carolyn Polisano
Linda Polishuk
Dr. Michael E. Pollack
Mrs. Louise Pontani
Mrs. Rebecca Pool-Button
Ms. Karen J. Poore
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Pope
Dr. Robert S. Porter and Jane Porter
Ms. Marietta Portland
Ms. Marjorie Portnoy
Ms. Cathie Posey-Goulding
Ms. Carol A. Post and Mr. Steve Dentel
Mrs. Harriet Potashnick
Dr. and Mrs. William Z. Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Pouch
Mr. Stephen R. Pozzi and Mrs. Ellen M. Pozzi
Mr. Vijayendra Pratap
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Prentis
Mr. Alan S. Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Price, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Pride
Mr. William Probsting
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Puffer
Mr. Richard Puffer
Mr. Eric L. Pumroy
Mr. Roberto Pupo
Mrs. Kathleen Putnam
Ms. Kathy L. Putnam
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Putnam
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer J. Qualls
Mr. and Mrs. Steve P. Querido
Ms. Betty Quigley
Ms. Merle Raab
Mr. Ariel Rabinovic
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rade
Ms. Ellen Radow and Mr. Marwan Sadat
Ms. Helena Rafael-Cerquoni
Ms. Gay P. Rainville
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Raker
Mr. Bruce B. Rambo
Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Randall
Ms. Stacy Raphael
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Raspanti
Mr. Michael S. Rassweiler
Mr. and Mrs. David Rattner
Mr. Stephen Rauscher and Mrs. Nancy Rauscher
Dr. Carol A. Raviola
Mr. Paul J. Read
Ms. Jacqueline Reardon
Mrs. Anne H. Redd
Mr. Paul Redman
Louise and Alan Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Reed
Ms. Vanessa Reed
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Reichman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Reider
Mr. Vernon Reifsnyder
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. William Reilly
Ms. Anna K. Reimann
Mrs. Barbara C. Remy
Mr. Jeff Rexford and Mrs. Pepper Rexford
Ms. Penny Joy Rezet and Mr. Eric Feingold
Ms. Sharon Rhone
Mr. Ernie Rich
Mrs. Nicole Rich
Denise M. Richardson, M.D. and Mr. Eric T. Rich
Mrs. Carolynn Richmond
Ms. Dena Riddick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ridout
Mr. Ross Rieder and Ms. Vicki Gershon
Mr. Thomas R. Riethof
Ms. Patricia Rillera
Ms. Ellen Rinaldi
Mr. Jim Rising
Ms. Lois Riskin
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rivello
Ms. Daisy Rivera-Muevio
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rizor
Mrs. Phoebe C. Robb
Mr. D. Robert
Mr. Joseph R. Robert, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Roberts
Ms. Kathleen Robertson
Ms. Dina Robinson
Mrs. Susan Robinson
Mr. Steven J. Rocci and Ms. Kathy Messerman
Ms. Claire Rocco
Ms. A. Elizabeth H. Rockafellow
Mr. Robert Rodini and Ms. Barbara Quintiliano
Ms. Lorraine Rogers
Mrs. Susan L. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. William Rogers
Mr. Richard E. Rohr
Mr. Michael A. Romano and Ms. Danielle Romano
Ms. Rosemarie Romano
Mr. Adam Rome
Ms. Nancy Romito
Ms. Nan J. Ronis
Ms. Sue Ronnenkamp
Ms. Patricia A. Rooney and Ms. Janet M. McClain
Susan R. Roop
Ms. Carrie Rorer
Mr. and Mrs. Joel B. Rosen
Mr. Ronald I. Rosen, Esq.
Ms. Patricia A. Rosenberg
Mrs. Janet T. Rosenberger
Hope Rosenlund
Hal and Sue Rosenthal
Mr. Seymour J. Rosenthal and Mrs. Ethel R. Rosenthal
Mrs. Julia Rosenwald
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rosolowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Ross
Mrs. Mary Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Ross
Ms. Marta K. Roth
Mr. Melvyn H. Rothbard
Ms. Elizabeth B. Rothermel
Mr. David Roush
Ms. Alita Rovito Esq.
Ms. Lisa H. Rowe
Ms. Karen Rowley
Mr. William Roy
Mr. Howard Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Rubinger
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Rude
Mr. Nicholas Rudi
Mr. John Rudibaugh
Ms. Elizabeth M. Rudy
Ms. Nancy Rue
Mr. Jorge Rueda
Mr. Philip H. Rush
Sheryl A. Rush-Milstead and Gerald E. Milstead
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rusk
Mr. Paul Ruud-Renault
Ms. Jennifer D. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ryan
Ms. Kalena Ryant
Ms. Lawrie Ryerson Harris
Dr. James R. Ryland and Mrs. Sylvia Ryland
Mr. Ibrahim A. Saad
Mr. Asad Sadiq
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sadoulet
Ms. Carol A. Sadtler
Mr. Richard Saferstein
Dr. Joseph J. Salata
Tom and Katie Salvatore
Mr. Paul Salvo and Mrs. Joan Salvo
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Samuelson
Kazuhiko and Jeannine Yoo Sano
Mr. Steven R. Sanson
Mrs. Eryn Santamoor
Ms. Joana Santamore
Ms. Anne Maria Sant'Angelo
Mr. Paul Santers
Mr. Blaise T. Santianni
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Santoleri
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Santoleri
Mr. Michael Santolerl
Mr. Matthew J. Sargent
Mr. Larry Sarner
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Satullo
Mr. George Saunders
Mrs. Heather Saunders
Dr. Mary J. Savage
Ms. Marie Savar
Ms. Suzanne F. Savidge
Mrs. Cheryl L. Savin
Mrs. Joanne Saye
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Sayles
Mrs. Patricia Scamoffa
Robert and Jennifer Scavuzzo
Ms. Sandra J. Schaal and Mr. Thomas H. Kurkjian
Mr. Robert Schamis
Mr. Leonard Schechter
Richard L. Scheff and Natalie D. Ramsey
Ms. Helen Schenck
Mr. and Mrs. Horace E. Scherer
Ms. Marysu Schetter
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Schiaroli
Mr. Theodore C. Schiffman and Ms. Manja L. Lyssy
Peter D. Schindler, M.D.
Dr. Martha Schlesinger and Dr. Steve Samuel
Ms. Elizabeth Schmid
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Schnall
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schnee
Pam and Tony Schneider
Mr. Stephen H. Schnur
Mr. Jonathan S. Schoenfeld & Ms. Amy A. Concannon
Mr. Daniel W. Scholl
Ms. Kathy J. Schroeher
Dr. Lynn M. Schuchter
Mr. Peter E. Schulman
Ms. Patricia B. Miller and Mr. William L. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. J Schuster
Ms. Joanna Schwartz and Ms. Anna Schwartz
Ms. Whitney Schwartz
Ms. Joanmarie Schweizerhof
Mr. Bryan M. Scofield
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Scott
Ms. Eleanor H. Scott
Ms. Elizabeth Scott
Mr. H. Rodney Scott and Mrs. Andi Scott
Mr. William T. Scroggie
Ms. Dianne Seaman
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Seavey
Ms. Maureen Seckel
Ms. Diane Seeger
Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Seidel
Ms. Denise Seiders
Ms. Marianne Seitzer
Mrs. Naudain I. Sellers
Paula and Lee Sellman
Mrs. Phyllis Serota
Miss Susan M. Sersha
Ms. Elizabeth M. Sestak
Mr. Nicholas Settimi
Anthony Sexauer
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shackelford
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaman
Dr. Paul G. Shane and Dr. Ana M. Marjanovic-Shane
Mr. Dennis Shaner
Mr. Richard Shanfeld
Ms. Patricia Shanley
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Shanley
Mrs. Carol A. Shannon
Mr. Jack Shapiro
Ms. Natalie Shapiro
Mr. Steven Shapiro and Dr. Barbara Shapiro
Ms. Cynthia F. Sharp
Mr. James Shatz
James M. and Ardis E. Shea
Mr. Waheed Sheikh
Mr. Bernis Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Sherbin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sherman
Ms. Frances Sherr and Mr. Robert Hess
Mr. Robert Sherrell
Mrs. Celia E. Shevlin
Esther R. Shisler
Ms. Ann Sholly and Mr. John Wellenbach
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Shone, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth G. Shook
Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Shore
Mr. Andrew W. Siegel
Dr. Steven Silber and Mrs. Sonja Pettingill
Ms. Willetta Silva
Mrs. Edith A. Silver
Ms. Kaja Silverman
Mr. Peter Silvia
Rev. Dr. Stephen A Simmons & Rev. Cynthia L Simmons
Ms. Barbara Simpson
Mr. Eric Simpson
Mr. Richard J. Singer and Mrs. Jane Singer
Ms. Sandra Singer
Ms. Judy Singleton
Ms. Maureen Siwik
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Skatz
Mr. Richard Skeuse and Mrs. Elizabeth Skeuse
Mr. Morton Sklaroff and Mrs. Joan Sklaroff
Ms. Denise Skow
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Skultety
Ms. Eve Slap
Ms. Deidre Slattery and Mr. Tony Sarraino
Carl and Elsie Slebodnick
Mr. and Mrs. Pam Slevin
Mr. Dennis Slinkard
Ms. Megan Small
Ms. Denise Smalley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Smith, Jr
Mr. Christopher Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Smith, Jr.
Ms. Elaine Smith
Dr. George A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Smith
Mr. Joseph E. Smith and Ms. Louise M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Smith
Ms. Justine L Smith
Mr. Kim Smith and Mrs. Devie Smith
Dr. Kirsten Smith
Mr. Leonard Smith, Jr. and Ms. Catherine Smith
Ms. Nancy K. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith and Ms. Dorothy Otani-Smith
Mrs. Roberta Y. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Smith
Valerie A. Smith
Mr. William Smith
Mr. Bryan A. Snapp
Miss Gretchen Snethen
Ms. Christine Snyder
Dr. Diane S. Snyder
Marilyn Castles Snyder
Jesse and Cornelia Soifer
Mr. James Solomon and Mrs. Rochelle Solomon
Ms. Laura Soltis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Soo Hoo
Dr. Michael M. Soojian
Ms. Elizabeth A. Sorino
Mr. Richard Soucy
Ms. Ruth K. Souder
Ms. Suzanne M. Souder
Mrs. Patricia Q. Spampinato
Ms. Joan Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Donn R. Spear
Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Spear
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Spector
Mrs. Barbara M. Speidel
Ms. Sondra Sperati
Ms. Lois Sperow
Ms. Portia Sperr
Mrs. Willa Spicer
Mrs. Judith Spinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Spitzer
Ms. Kathleen Spitzer
Patricia Stover
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Squeri
Mr. Charles R. Staats
Ms. Helge Staby Deaton
Mr. Robert Stack
Mr. Kenneth Staib
Mr. Fred M. Stanczak and Ms. Ellen S. Fisher
Mrs. Ann C. Stanford
Dr. Corrie A. Stankiewicz
Walter and Georgianna Stapleton
Ms. Kim B. Staudt
Ms. Lillian J. Stead
Ms. Marybeth Steadman
Edwin R. Steel
Ms. Auden M. Steeley
Linda M. and Robert Steenrod
Dr. Michael L. Steigerwald
Ms. Pearl Steinberg
Mrs. Kimberley A. Stentz
Ms. Barbara M. Sterk
Joan N. Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Stern
Mr. Saul Sternberg
Dorrit H. Sterner, M.D. and Todd Sterner, M.D.
Mr. James M. Steven
Ms. Gail A. Stevens
Mr. Mark W. Stevens and Mrs. Gina Vitolo-Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stevens
Mr. William Stewart, Jr.
Mr. Philip G. Steyaert
Ms. Margaret G. Stineman
Mr. Don Stitz and Mr. Marge Stitz
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Stoller
Ms. Agatha Stone
Mr. Paul Stone
Mr. James R. Stovall
Mrs. Patricia S. Stover
Mrs. Sara A. Stover
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence M. Straus
Mr. Richard Strauss
Ms. Jacqueline Strigl
Mr. Jeff Stuart
Mr. Collin J. Stuart and Mrs. Rebecca T. Stuart
Dr. Marianne Sturr and Mr. James Cahill
Mr. Edward Sullivan
Ms. Jewelle R. Sutherland
David and Miriam Swartz
Mr. David C. Sweet
Ms. Patricia Bender and Dr. Mark F. Sylvester
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Szczarba
Bob Tait and Erin Finnerty
Mrs. Helen T. Talley
Dr. Stephen S. Tang
Elenor B. Tarbox
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Tarquinio
Ms. Jane E. Tausig
Ms. Arlene Taylor
Mr. Joseph C. Taylor
Mr. Richard T. Taylor and Mrs. Ruth A. Taylor
Mr. Rick Taylor
Ms. Pamela Tedesco
Ms. Gail E. Tefft
Mr. Mesfin Tegenu and Ms. Nina Minale
Mr. L. Pierre Teillon
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Teipelke
Mrs. Katharine B. Temel
Ms. Carolyn Temin
Ms. Kameelah Temple
Ms. Regina Terry
Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Thayer
Katherine and Larry Theleman
Mr. Tierry Theman and Mrs. Jean Theman
Dana Thiede
Helmut and Kathleen Thiemann
Mr. Fred Thomas and Mrs. Linda Thomas
Mr. Glyn V. Thomas
Ms. Jeri Thomas
Mr. John J. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Thomas
Ms. Roslyn Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Thomas
Ms. Hollis Thomases Williams and Mr. Anthony Williams
Mr. Abbott W. Thompson
Mrs. Lili-An Thompson
Mr. Rodman E. Thompson, Jr.
Ms. Sara Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Threefoot
Ms. Irene Thurston
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Tierney
Mrs. Navaz Tiku
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Tobias
Ms. Deborah Tobin
Dr. Matthew Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tollen
Ms. Virginia Tolson
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Tom
Ms. Adriana Tomas
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Tomezsko
Mr. Kenneth Tomko
Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Tomlinson
Curtis J. and Kathy Tompkins
Ms. Louise Tompkins
Ms. Julia R. Toner
Mr. Steve Tonkovich
Mr. Nils A. Tonning
Mr. Wiliam Topley
Mr. Nareg Torosian
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Touey
Mr. Michael A. Towanda
Mr. Stephen A. Townsend
Ms. Miriam Traub
Mr. Peter W. Traugott
Mr. and Mrs. Major N. Travers III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Trexler
Mr. H. Bhise and Ms. Gianna Tripodi-Bhise
Mrs. Mary Patrice Tritt
Ms. Jayme C. Trott and Mr. Bud Johnson
Julia S. Trout
Mr. and Mrs. R. Frank Trout
Dr. Thomas C. Tsai and Ms. Yu Mei Tsai
Dr. Walter H. Tsou
Mr. Benjamin Turek
Ms. Cecile Turkington
Ms. Gail M. Turley
Ms. Erica Turner and Mr. William Luginruhl
Mr. R. Scott Turner
Ms. Jennifer Ty
Ms. Rachana Tyagi and Mr. Stephen Casalena
Mr. Mark Udren and Ms. Joann Udren
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Ugolick
Mr. Eric Umbles
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ungerman
Mr. Andrew Vaden and Mr. Matthew Vaden
Ms. Leslie J. Valenza
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Van Deerlin
Mr. Paul Van Embden and Ms. Laura Van Embden
Ms. Jacquelynn C. Van Vliet
Ms. Nancy V. Vandegrift
Mr. and Mrs. George Vangieri
Ms. Irene Vannote
Ms. Elizabeth S. VanVleck
Mr. and Mrs. Nuggehalli C. Vasuki
Mr. David W. Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. Graeme R. Veitch
Mr. Anthony Veltri
Mr. Gerald P. Verbrugghe
Ms. Rita M. Verghese
Mr. John David Viehman and Ms. Elsie Viehman
Mr. Paul Vines and Mrs. Janet Vines
Alpern-Vitriol Family Foundation
Ms. Kathleen M. Vogt Robie
Ms. Patricia A. Volk
Mr. and Mrs. Werner K. Volkmann
Dr. Nick Vorsa and Mrs. Linda Butenis-Vorsa
Mr. James R. Vurell
Mrs. Joan M. Waddell
Ms. Vicki Wagner
Mr. Jonathan Sevy and Mrs. Shirley Wagner-Sevy
Ms. Elizabeth K. Wakabayashi
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Wakefield
Ms. Philomena Walbert
Dr. Philip Waldor
Ms. Beth Walker
Ms. Cynthia Walker
Mr. Steven Walker and Ms. Eleanor Walker
Ms. Margaret F. Walker
Sally Walker and Tom Gilmore
Mr. Stanley Walker and Mrs. Geraldine D. Walker
Mr. Michael Ruttle and Ms. Jeanne Wallace Ruttle
Ms. Barbara A. Walley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wallis
Mr. Lawrence A. Walsky
Ms. Bonnie L. Walter
Mr. Cosmo Walter
Ms. Johanna L. Walters
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Walton
Dr. and Mrs. Donald T. Walz
Mr. David Wang-Iverson and Ms. Patricia Wang-Iverson
Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Warshawer
Mr. Arthur Washburn
Mr. Leonard J. Washington and Ms. Valeria L. Burto
Mr. Richard Waterhouse
Mrs. Ophelia M. Waters
Ms. Rebecca Wateski
Ms. Denise A. Watkins Hamilton
Mr. Cliff Watkins
Ms. Janice L. Watson
Ms. Patricia L. Watson
Mrs. Mary G. Wattis
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Watts
Ms. Gale Wayman
Don & Nancy Weaver
Mr. George E. Weaver and Ms. Mary Hediger
Mr. Norman Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Webb
Ms. Mary E. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber
Mr. William J. Weber
Mrs. Christina Webster
Dr. Gordon W. Webster and Mrs. Joan E. Webster
Ms. Sara M. Webster
Mr. Richard Wegrzyn
Mrs. Margaret A. Wehler
Ms. Lisa Weida
Ms. Regina Weidner
Dr. Valerie P. Weil
Ms. Debra S. Weiner
Ms. Jan D. Weiner
Mr. Ronald Weingrad
Mr. Harvey L. Weinrebe-Reeder and Mr. Ellis Weinrebe-Reeder
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Weinstein
Mr. James L. Weintraub
Mrs. Catherine F. Weiss
Ms. Suzanne Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Weisz
Mr. Jonathan Weitzman
Mrs. Louise Wellemeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Welles
Ms. Dorothy A. Wells
Mr. Roy J. Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Wells
Ms. Jeanne M. Welsko
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Weren
Caroline West and Jonathan Sprague
Mr. and Mrs. David A. West
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Westcott
Mr. David P. Weston and Mrs. Jean S. Weston
Mr. and Mrs. Weyand
Mr. F. H. Weymar and Mrs. Caroline Weymar
Mr. Joseph J. Whalen
Dr. Jean M. Whaley and Mr. Brian C. Monahan
Mr. Keith Wheelock
Mr. Elwood W. Whilden, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Whipple
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Whitesell
Mr. Marvin E. Whitest
Ms. Sandra Whitfield
Ms. Dorothy G. Whitmore
Ms. Jane Whittaker and Mr. Michael Delli Carpini
Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun Wick
Jody and Bill Widing
Mr. Earl Wilcox
Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Wilde
Joe and Catherine Wildenberg
Mr. Columbus Wiles
Mrs. Louise H. Wiley
Ms. Billie Wilkinson
Ms. Marjean Willett
Dr. Catherine S. Williams
Mr. Douglas Williams
Ms. Laura Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Quincy N. Williams
Ms. Shirley A. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. David Williams
Ms. Kate Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Willing
Mr. Tim Willson and Ms. Gemma M. Willson
Mr. Robert D. Wilmot
The Wilson Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic T. Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. James Wilson
Mr. Robert N. Wilson
Mr. Roger Wilson and Mr. James R. Wilson
Mr. Timothy Wilson
Mr. Verner Wilson
Mr. Wayne Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wilson
Dina and Jerry Wind
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Winey
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold F. Winkler
Mrs. Julia B. Winton
Mr. Carl Witonsky and Mrs. Florence S. Witonsky
Tom and Loretta Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wittner and Miss Alexis Outerb
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wolf
Jill Dolan and Stacy Wolf
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wolfson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Wolk
Mr. Stuart Wolman
Dr. Richard B. Womer and Ms. Joy Wittenberg
Mr. Henry Wong and Ms. Young Park
Ms. Diane Wood
Ms. Joanne Wood and Mr. Jeffrey H. Wood
Mr. Calvin E. Woodland
Dr. Barbara J. Woods
Donald and Rebecca Worrell
Ms. Nancy Worthington
Mr. Brian H. Wright
Ms. Eleanor P. Wright
Ian Wright and Sheila Brown
Minturn T. Wright, III
Ms. Ann Wright-Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William Wueschinski
The Wyatt Family
Mr. James B. Wyeth
Dr. Richard Wynn
Mr. and Mrs. Kham Xapakdy
Ms. Barbara Yanni
Dr. Jon Yardney
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Yborra
Ms. Eileen T. Yealy
Ms. Diane M. Yonke
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Yoshioka
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Yost
Mr. Robert Yost
Ms. Elizabeth M. Young
Ms. Janet T. Young
Ms. Jeryl Young and Mr. Steven Drakoulis
Marie and Martin Robinson
Dr. Andrew M. Youngblood
Richard L. Yudell, M.D.
Mr. David M. Zaiser and Mrs. Katherine H. Zaiser
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zazow
Mr. Jeff P. Zeelander
Mrs. Ellen Zehler
Mr. Edward Zeibari and Ms. Nevart R. Zeibari
Ms. Josephine F. Zelov
Mr. Ewnetu Zerihun
Mr. Alan C. Zetterberg and Ms. Pamela Goodwin
Min Zhang
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ziegler
Mr. Robert A Zimmerman and Mrs. Dianne Zimmerman
Mrs. Nancy Zimmerman
Dr. and Mrs. Edward T. Zito
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Zucca
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Zuritsky